Experience With Your Preceptor

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    I Was Curious To Any New Nurses And Queen Mums Of Nursing...lol...charlotte,raleigh.....especially Charlotte....how Was Your Experience With Your Preceptors...what Hospital Did You Do Your Orientation And What Hospitals Would You Recommend That Would Be Inviting To New Nurses To Start Out....without The Preceptor From "hell"...or Stuck Up Nursing Staff That Hates You Before They Even Know You...lmao....

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  3. by   funinsun
    I think CMC and Presby are pretty welcoming to new grads and actively seek them!
    It's impossible to know how a preceptor will be as there all kinds of individuals that orient people and they can be good or bad-not necessarily reflecting on the hospital system..

    As far as hospital units go, they may be more or less welcoming of new grads, but there's no way to really know that with any certainty as things always change, people transfer, etc. that makes that different anywhere you go..CMC does have a new grad/special program for those who want to specifically go to the ICU which sounds pretty welcoming..

    Both hospitals have a pretty friendly 'new grad' stance overall..