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    Allison & Iceis...how very Cool that you two have met!!!!

    Allison I LOVE how you "Know" exactly what it is you want to do!! No doubt you will reach those goals and will make a wonderful Nurse ( LPN thru future.. RN) Best wishes to the both of you!!

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    Well, well, well. . . I think I almost fell out of my seat when I read Allison's post. U r sooooo right on the money. ECPI is a helluva mess and I would not suggest anyone to go there unless it is absolutely your last and I mean your LAST resort/option. First off the tuition they charge is enormous and if you don't get packaged correctly in FA then you'll be owing a big lump sum at the end. Second, none of your credits will transfer over (even though they are accredited) because they only gave us partial credit for them instead of the full 3 or 4 credits we need. I know this for a fact because I just registered at WTCC and went over my transcripts with an Advisor. The skills lab should be called "a Middle School Playroom" because you're not learning everything you need to know especially when they don't have the necessary supplies to practice with and yes, I am also highly upset that the MA can do blood draws and we can't (unless you're in a clinical setting). Please tell me what sense that makes??!! Anyhoo, if you get a good clinical instructor be honest with them and have them walk you thru each assessment, intervention, critical thinking skill there possibly can be. Because if you don't then they'll assume you're ok and let you go on your own. This is only my opinion and experience at ECPI and you will need to make the best decision for you and your family. However, if I could do it all over again. . . I would just have gone to a CC and took the prereqs PT at night while working FT during the day and once it was time for the Nursing Program (Day classes) I would have switched jobs to something at night. Please Please Please be careful and wise with your decision because even if you go for a short time you will still owe them for that time you've been enrolled. I'm just hoping and praying to pass this NCLEX-PN, get licensed, get a job as an LPN, and go forward with my education as an RN. Good Luck!!!!!
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    2007LPN2BE....THANKS!!...for sharing your thoughts and opinion on this matter...right now I am really , cause I am not 100% sure of what to do...You see I am supposed to begin in the Feb 08 class, full times / days... ( by the way I have not yet tied myself up with them financially), matter of fact I go 11/14 to see the FA person...

    I have been in contact with another student here who has been very helpful, honest and open regarding her experience with EPCI's PN program as well. she is going to make an excellent Nurse, for many reasons including the fact that she already has a medical background ( as I do myself), and most importantly, she knows how to make the best of a bad situation..school wise...

    I value her advice as i do yours...I too applied at WTCC, but as expected,..was not one of those chosen....I have friends here that have applied ( and reapplied, since there is no actual "waiting list"), for the past 2, 3 years and such....and..nada..

    I have completed all my pre-reqs, have a good GPA, scored fairly high on the TEAS, and already been a CNA ( for 12+ years), however with the large number of applicants yearly and so few slots ........The furthest i got was to be chosen as an alternate ..... I was really bummed, but they went over the "Numbers" with me and with 376 applicants and only 30/40 slots ( alternates included) ...Kinda help put things in perspective... I was told that the number of applicants applying was growing yearly..I was told my chances "were still Good" and to keep reapplying... Oh and they also tried to convince me to take the surg-tech, or one of the other allied health programs while waiting....

    I was told by one of the advisors there that If I already had my LPN, (given my situation, meaning the # of credits and classes I already completed ) that getting in the RN program would be no problem. She said that I would have to complete a "Nursing Transition course" and I ( think??) a pharmacology calculation exam....

    Anyway, thats why I wanted to go the EPCI route...instead sitting and waiting another year or two, or three.. in the "hopes" of getting in... I could do the 12 months, obtain my LPN and move on towards my ultimate goal........I am going to give everything much thought and look at things from every possible angle..then make my decision from there...

    Again thanks and Best wishes to you!!

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    Happy Monday everyone!!! Well, I seem more energized today. Maybe since the time went back that extra hour did do me a little justice; knowing I barely get enough sleep as it is. Anyhoo - I hope everyone had a great weekend. Allison - I heard xxxxxx wanted to discuss something with all the evening nursing students. What about . . . I'm just as clueless as you. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Hopefully it is something good! Yes, we are counting down the days. I'm getting more and more excited each day. We literally only have 4 more clinicals left and 10 days of class. Wooo HOOOO!!!!!! Ok, I'm done now. You all don't have too much further to go right? Six more months or something like that? Hang in there. I know things aren't what you'd like them to be, but you'll have that license before you know it. Anna - How's it going? Have you investigated anymore into which direction you'd like to go?? Hope all works out with you. Iceis - How much longer do you have to go? You hang in there too. It'll go by quick.
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    Hello everyone!!

    Well...as promised...I am back to update, meaning share with you my decision...

    After thinking about things heavily, talking it over with hubby and also re-visiting the school and speaking to ***** one of the Reps at EPCI ...who by the way was actually VERY helpful ( not supposed to use names..)

    Anyway, I decided not to attend in Feb. as planned ( for Now that is..) I will explore ALL other options first and in the mean time...My seat will be given to someone else....I will no doubt go thru periods of regret. I was told that I can come back any time and will still have a seat in either of the next upcoming classes ( June & Oct. 08) if I choose...

    I once again will face the whole CC route...I already went back to WTCC and met with one of the advisors there. she pulled all my records, gpa, credits and so on...and asked me .."Why had I not applied to the RN- program?..I sat there dumb founded.......cause all i heard from day one was how hard it was to get in....So thinking it was easier, i applied for the PN program instead ( WTCC offers the two separate from each other RN / AS degree and PN / Diploma)..I was also told by one of the instructors there in 2005 that i could only apply for ONE program or the other..but not both...turns out that that was not true either..

    Anyway, I now have an appointment with another advisor scheduled for after Thanksgiving. I will also go on and apply at JCC, NASH, PITT and so on..I may even look into Barton College.....I am NOT putting epci down by any means, as i may very well end up full circle and attend there after-all. I feel good knowing its an option if need be...

    I made this decisions for several reasons including the $$$ part....oh and by the way they will be once again Raising the tuition at epci in 08 . Before I totally commit myself financially and other-wise, I just want to make sure....

    On the bright side I did learn that they (WTCC) will be changing part of their "Choosing" procedure and your assigned advisor can now give you a realistic "Time line" as to when to expect to actually get in ( based on if you have already completed all your pre-reqs etc) It sounds very hopeful..so we'll see...They are holding an informative meeting regarding all the changes in December...and you can bet I'll be there..

    Thanks!! to everyone for all your wonderful advice and also sharing your "real" experience. I will still be around and cheering each of you on as you complete your goals

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    Anna --- I'm soooo happy for you!!! Good Luck on whichever route you choose to go, but it seems you are heading down the right one. Not to be too religious, but God has your plan already mapped out for you and just know he's leading you there and it will be the one that was meant for you. ECPI does have really nice recruiters and they are genuinely friendly and excited to get you started on your career path, which is one good thing. Well, looks like you may be an RN really soon!!! Hopefully you won't have to take a whole bunch of pre-reqs like I do. I never went to college, so I don't have not one thing and nothing from ECPI transfers over; which really really really sucks, but hey. . . . I'm finally almost done. 8 MORE DAYS!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm sorry, but I just counted the days like 3 times making sure that was right and it sure is!!! I can't believe it. I owe this journey and final completion to the Lord above. Thank you! Thank you! Ok, well I hope everyone else is doing well and sorry I didn't mean to gloat too much. Wait. . . Yes I did. I'm really proud of me and all my other classmates that have made it this far and have stuck it thru. We started out with 20 and we have 10 graduating. Feels darn good! Have a safe, blessed and great weekend!
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    Just reading your post, has brought tears to my eyes!! YES,..you are so right as I too believe strongly that whatever is "meant for me" is how things will work out!! Many times in life what we "think" we want or need is not always whats best for us!! Just knowing this deep inside gives me an aura of calm....I can look back on the course and events of my life and clearly see that things truly became what they were supposed to be...In other words.."the Dots always connected"...Weather I even understood it at the time or not...

    So,...if I get in at one of the CC then Great!! and if I don't then oddly enough ...thats great too, cause I'll be lead to the exact pathway meant for me!! Thanks SO much for your support ....

    Ok,..back to YOU...WOW..wow..wow...almost done!!!! I can actually feel your excitement thru your words!! I KNOW your sense of accomplishment and appreciation in all that you have experienced and learned is amazing and in my opinion, well worthy of Gloating...so gloat on my friend...I applaud you!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving....

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    CONGRATULATIONS TO LPN2B!!!!!!!!!!! i know you guys are so excited. i am actually going to be at your graduation on Dec 1 with some of my classmates... have to get all the details but i think we are just ushering and stuff... but we really wanna be there to support you guys as the first graduating night class. we are sooo proud of you!!!!!

    anna, im really happy to hear you are exploring all your options before ECPI. everything will work out for you... and you will be an awesome nurse someday!

    well you guys, im off to hit the books on my exciting saturday night. hope everyone has a very happy and safe holiday!
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