ECU College of Nursing receives nationwide award for way it teaches students

  1. East Carolina University's College of Nursing received top recognition among eight schools in the nation Friday for the way it teaches students.

    ECU has been named a Center of Excellence for 2011-2015 by the National League for Nursing. Six of the eight, including ECU, are repeat designees. Nineteen schools in the nation currently hold the designation...

    "This award continues to demonstrate the commitment that our faculty and staff have to creating a student-centered learning environment that demonstrates excellence in nursing education," Brown said. The National League for Nursing's Dr. Beverly Malone, chief executive officer, and Dr. Cathleen Shultz, presented the award...

    Congratulations to ECU College of Nursing on attaining this very competitive and prestigious award
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    That's great to hear since I plan to go to grad school there!