ECPI-Raleigh LPN June 2011

  1. Hello all!

    I am just wondering if anyone on here is starting the LPN program at ECPI in Raleigh NC on June 2011? I am really excited, but nervous all at the same time. Well I hope to hear from you all!
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  3. by   lady luck82
    I am not attending the ECPI in Raleigh but am planning on attending the ECPI in Greensboro NC. If is unfortunely hard to find any input from students or graduates of any of the ECPI in NC i too would love to here feed back from anyone who is currently attending or has graduated from the ECPI's in Nc.
    Thank You all in advance
  4. by   Moogie
    Moved to NC programs discussion to elicit more responses.
  5. by   Mrs.Hardy2011
    I'm starting in June as well! Im so excited! I am doing the day program...wbu?
  6. by   annettern2b
    Day program as well
  7. by   Mrs.Hardy2011
    There has got to be a better way for us to communicate because i'm commenting on your post and you're commenting on i dont think i can pm yet tho
  8. by   annettern2b
    LOL yeah I started my account yesterday so I don't think I can instant message online either but I have not tried
  9. by   armybrat
    Hi everyone,

    i am considering attending ecpi in june and want to know the current cost for the lpn program.
  10. by   annettern2b
    Have you applied? You might want to hurry up and apply now because it takes a few weeks to be accepted and everything go through. You also have a few steps to take before they consider you for the class. The total is like 32k but more than likely it will not cost that much because of grants and etc.
  11. by   VioletKaliLPN
    Consider the community college route if the cost is prohibitive. Not everyone qualifies for grants, so if you do not it is a thought.

    Gaining entry into a community college program means having a high GPA and entrance test scores. My CC LPN program is 4100$.

    NC does not have 'waiting lists' per say. They accept the top "X" amount of applicants each year, highest GPA, etc. They waitlist the rest according to GPA.
    If you are not accepted you reapply the next year. I got in after my first application, my first 'try', due to my GPA and entrance test.

    It's worth a shot if you cannot afford the 32k and do not qualify for grants.
  12. by   hannah888
    hi..when is the lpn program start this june 2011? Coz im planning to enroll.
  13. by   livelikegold
    i am also interested in the ecpi lpn program but the october class, let me know how you ladies like the program
  14. by   virgo_baby!
    Do not go to ECPI in raleigh. I went there just to get information about the program and the lady got all defensive. I just asked basic questions like the costs, and how many students pass the state exam? She refused to answer. I asked her where they do clinicals; she couldn't answer. So I asked her what if I bomb my TEAS exam would I get in and she told me there were ways around it. She could recommed me and I could go in front of the board and they would decide. This is without even having basic classes like chemistry and anatomy. I was told it wasn't an issue and I wouldn't need it anyway. They will literally take anyone as long as they can get your money because where you work is on the application to apply. Its scary that they really do send people out into the work force like that. That's why a lot of professionals in the area consider it a joke. Plus they get there teachers off of craigslist.....I've seen several posts on there. Go to a CC and get a degree that actually means something around here.