East Carolina U? Any students/grads?

  1. Hi all, just looking to get a different perspective from any students/graduates from ECU...I'm considering applying there for fall 2005. How are their clinicals? Did you live on campus? Cost of living? Nursing faculty? ANY info would be much appreciated...thanks, hope to hear from someone soon
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  3. by   LatinaRN

    I am a graduate of ECU from 2002. I have to say that ECU prepared me for my nursing career very well. The school itself has a VERY good reputation here in NC. The hospital that I am currently employed in, the Director of Nursing is an ECU graduate and two of the nursing supervisors are also ECU graduates. The faculty is very educated and you do clinicals at Pitt Memorial Hospital...a magnet facility, level 1 trauma center. It is the largest nursing school in North Carolina and the instructors get to know you.

    I did not live on campus but the cost of living is low. Greenville itself is a PARTY town if you are into that kind of thing.

    Hope you decide to go to ECU
  4. by   Aneroo
    I used to go to ECU, before my party habits from my earlier semesters had my placed on the wait list a few times. Finally the dean of students told me I'd have to take a full course load and make straight A's and then I MIGHT have a chance, or I could go to the community college in town and go to their ADN program. So, I graduate from the ADN program May 10th (7pm, not that anyone is counting :chuckle ) and I LOVE it! We're also well known for our grads. We spend a LOT of time in clinicals (240 hrs this semester), which is more than some schools do throught their entire program. I'm very happy with my choice, and now I can go back and get my BSN and someone else will pay for it! A lot of your nurse managers and such who have their BSN, started with their ADN.
    However, while I was at ECU, it's a great school. I loved the atmosphere, and would love to see what they've done with the school (they're done a lot of remodeling of the building). They have excellent programs for students to plug themselves into (ECANS- East Carolina Assoc of Nursing Students, NCANS, NSNA). Just had to add my blurb about not knocking the community colleges. And yep, sometime down the road, I'll be heading back to ECU or somewhere else to advance my career. Good luck with your choices! -Andrea
  5. by   VickyRN
    I am acquainted with ECU-SON and it is a great school.