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Hi there- My name is Sandy and I am applying to the Duke ABSN for Spring 2011, just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying? Only 2 months till the deadline and I am trying to get my... Read More

  1. by   NP_to_be
    Hi- I am also applying for admission in January, 2011. I live in Washington, DC now. Are any of you attending the Open House? I will be there so I hope to meet some of you then. I am not a perfect applicant, either. I don't have an awesome GPA from undergrad but I do have health care experience. Like someone else mentioned, it's all about diversity. I have found that my health care experience isn't always beneficial...it just depends. Good luck to all of you and I hope we meet soon!

  2. by   Lauren4268
    I would love to go to open house, but I'm in California and a plane ticket is about $400...hahah unfortunatey I don't think I'll ever see duke until it's my first day as a student if I'm accepted! I'm taking a full load this summer and won't be able to get there for Duke days or anything, but I've heard such amazing things about the school I'm not worried =) I've been to Charlotte many times so I know the general feel for the area =)

    I havent started my essay yet, just finished my spring semester on tuesday!! need a mental break before starting up again in a little of a week for summer. I'm still working on my first degree, will be done in december, just in time for january start! haha I know its going to be a long ride, but worth it Just hoping there are soe other crazy 22 year olds out there like me planning on going directly in! I didn't have luck getting into any first degree programs out here, so I'm hoping the second degree route has some good in sotre for me!

    What are you finding challenging about the essay? I glanced at it earlier today and it seemed like a thinker, so I put if off for a few days haha. I know i HAVE to nail it to make up for my gpa (~3.4, science ~3.5). Like I said, I just finished spring semester, so Im giving my brain a vacation =)

    60 students is still a really high number, considering they admit twice a year....here's to hoping we're all one of them! I dont care if I'm 59... =) I noticed a lot of people who posted on previous semesters ended up getting in, so maybe its a good luck charm
  3. by   b.salomon
    Hey everyone! Another applicant here... just wanted to say hello! I just finished up my first draft of my personal statement (amazing what a couple of cups of coffee paired with the adrenaline rush from last night's Grey's Anatomy can do!) and I'm really excited to be applying to Duke. As I was writing, though, I realized that I was having some trouble differentiating between Objectives, Plans, and Special Interests. I can keep them separate up to the point that I start trying to list them, and then they get all tangled up!

    Also, is anyone else having trouble with the online application? For some reason, I can't get the educational history to save itself, even though everything else works fine. Ideas?

    Thanks so much! Good luck!!
  4. by   SandyH
    Hey guys-

    Wow! We are getting lots more action on the forum lately! Hello and welcome to everyone who just started posting I guess that's what happens when I decide to slack off and go hang out with Mickie an Minnie in Florida for a week! It was fun while it lasted, now back to the grind.....summer classes have started and I still need to finish up my personal statement!

    Michelle- I'm going to the open house too..... I am really excited! Can't wait! Maybe we will have the opportunity to meet!

    B. Salomon- You go! I only wish I had a rough draft done I have changed my mind a million times....I want it to be interesting but sincere. I'm going out of my mind! LOL! Oh, and last nights Grey's...crazy!

    I'll post what we find out at the open house tomorrow....wish all you out-of-towners could be there!

    OK...so I have to get off here and do something that will contribute to my acceptance at Duke
  5. by   Lauren4268
    awesome! can't wait to hear what goes on at the open house =) I'm thinking I might start to tackle my essay next week.... just some some motivation! haha has anyone started thinking about what track (research or spanish) they would do if admitted? I'm thinking for myself, I'll need to do the spanish, because in california its practically required to know the language...plus it might set me apart from other new grads that don't have the spanish. I'm also not really that interested in research. post-bedside nursing I plan to go into management.
  6. by   SandyH
    I just got home from the open house...WOW!
    If I walked in the door with any reservations about attending Duke....they are all gone!
    I want to go to Duke more than ever now!

    The faculty seem absolutely wonderful! They seem to be a big happy family!
    You know how you go to some schools and they seem cold and unfriendly? Not Duke!
    I left with the impression that they genuinely care about your success in the program and are willing to help you in any way they can! Unlike many other programs that have the mentality.....if you have troubles or don't succeed then there are a million other people that want your spot! Nope Not Duke! The caliber of the faculty is wonderful....a lot of them hold doctorates (which I understand isn't the norm in most BSN programs).

    The lovely lady that answers all our email and phone questions is wonderful as well! I really appreciate how friendly and understanding she is! I'm sure she gets the same questions over and over again, but she always smiles and is always happy to help!
    She said that the dates they will be holding interviews for the Spring 2011 cohort will be July 16 and 23, as well as August 6(all on Fridays). She said that we would be notified of acceptance status within a week or so after the interviews are complete. Also, she said that they start to review applications a week or so before the deadline....so if you get the application in early you may find out sooner if you are getting an interview.

    OK....so about the personal statement....
    she said they are looking for the following....
    why nursing? pull in your personal experiences
    what are your future goals and objectives
    that kind of stuff....she also said that the statement is HEAVILY weighted in the process!
    They want to know about you and who you are!
    The interview is also very important! Come dressed professionally and know the material contained in your application!

    Some other stuff:
    The program has about 750 clinical hours (the average program has 550-650).
    About 2/3 of students choose the research curriculum, 1/3 spanish.
    On average they receive 200-225 applications.
    Of those they interview about 125-140.
    Of those they offer about 105 admission, and then they also wait list people.
    From what I have read on past forums, they usually get through most of their wait list!!
    They have about a 99% pass rate on the NCLEX!! Awesome! (national average was 86 or 88 i think).

    Oh and financial aid.....you can start the process at any time....the deadline is Aug 5th!!
    you need to fill out the FAFSA and DUSON financial aid application.

    Whew....i think thats the most of it
    Let me know if you guys have any questions....I may have forgotten to type it up here....
  7. by   carolinapooh
    I'm a Duke alumni (grad in '07) and I have to say that everything the person above me has posted about the school and the faculty is completely true. The woman in the admit office (name starts with an M) is LOVELY and is extremely helpful. The faculty DO care and DO want you to succeed, the dean is accessible, and the relatively small class sizes are incredible.

    Duke wasn't cheap, but it was the best investment I ever made. Like several of you have posted, I went to my initial interview thinking, yeah, great, but I won't get in - and when I walked out of the building I thought, if I don't get in, I'll die. Really.

    It's not perfect - nowhere is - but believe me, it's a valuable experience. I'm active duty Air Force now, and when I got to my base, I found out my flight commander is also a Duke alumni (grad school). When I started meeting MDs on my floor, a couple of them said (no lie) - "You're the one from Duke." Your chosen school has a reputation like no other - it's worth the work, the heartache, the time, and the money if you get accepted.

    I'm currently working at the only bone marrow transplant center in the Department of Defense - and from what I've heard and was told by superiors I was placed here because of my Duke education and my Duke oncology experience (I worked at Duke for two years). Duke opens doors and sometimes creates one where one didn't exist - I am the only second lieutenant ever assigned to that unit, and I believe Duke played a big part in that.

    My best wishes to all of you - didn't mean to intrude on your forum. Good luck and GO DEVILS!!
  8. by   ncemt
    Wow, thank you so much for all of that information! I attended a couple of their info sessions a year or two ago when I was living on campus but unfortunately I don't remember too much specific information about admissions, numbers of applicants interviewed/accepted etc. (not that it would be terribly relevent now since the school didn't even have "tracks" back then, for example, and all of the numbers would be out-of-date). I definitely remember my overall impression was that it was an excellent school, and I thought the student panel was a key part of that...not too many schools are willing to give you access to current students, and I think the fact that they are happy to do so says a lot about the quality of the program. Now I want to go there even more...ah, stress...
  9. by   LalaBelle
    I read what carolinapooh had post earlier and cry... I can die for the spring 2011 application for Duke University School of Nursing...

    Good luck everyone
  10. by   glassprn
    Wow! Thanks a lot for great info!!

    I'm really excited and anxious at the same time...=)

    My summer classes start tomorrow...Whew....Break is gone so fast...

    Have great weekends!
  11. by   Lauren4268
    Wow, Sandy! Thanks soooo much for all the great info! I'm really happy and scared at the same time about the news of the essay weighing so much! Its good to hear I have the opportunity to make up for not-so-perfect grades, but at the same time makes me nervous about writing it! Sounds like it needs to be some of my best writing! haha I hope to get some of it knocked out this week before summer school starts. I'm hoping to get my app turned in before june 15 so I can hopefully know early about my interview =) I'm still not sure whether I will be able to attend or have to do a phone interview. Good luck to everyone! It will definitely be fun to keep each other company throughout this process =)
  12. by   SandyH

    I hear ya about this essay! I am STRESSED! LOL!
    I have started over like 5 times.....written like 6 pages and it's all mumble jumble!!
    I don't know if I should be serious or take a more creative approach?
    The last thing I want to do is bore them to death!
    So much riding on the story of me. haha!!
  13. by   Lauren4268
    I'm with you on the serious or creative approach. I want them to see I'm well spoken and a good student, but also not a bore-fest! lol I just started summer school today, so I'm thinking I want to get this essay done asap so I can just focus on my classes! The only hard thing about applying to mulitple places for me is the letters of reference. I feel bad asking people for more than one, but I don't have a lot of people to choose from! haha

    What did you think of the Duke campus when you went? I've heard that the campus is nice, but Durham is not so much. One of the nurses I work with worked at Duke and reccomended living more towards Chapel Hill or Raleigh, as Durham doesn't have the greatest neighborhoods. Did you get this vibe at all?