Duke ABSN Fall 2017

  1. Hi guys! I haven't seen a thread yet for Duke's ABSN Fall 2017 yet, so just thought I'd get it started! I'm excited to be attending the open house later in September and look forward to meeting some of you there.
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  3. by   Frankie28
    I'm from out of state so I can't make it to the open house. Let us know if there's any really important info I went to start my application but it's not open for Fall 2017 yet. You know when the application opens up?
  4. by   mandalynne85
    Hmmm....I'm not sure. I haven't applied yet, but it says online the app will open 3 months prior to the priority deadline, which is December 1st, so it should be open now. I was waiting until after the open house to apply, so I haven't attempted it yet. I will update you with how the open house goes! Wish you could be there!
  5. by   mandalynne85
    Frankie, they said at the open house last night that they are in the middle of revamping the system, nd it will launch in a couple of weeks. She said they will email everyone who's email that have, and let them know once the new system is in place. So hopefully in a week or two.
  6. by   aThom126
    Really hoping to hear back if I was accepted. I hope they let us know asap! Thanks for making this thread!
  7. by   pepcapri
    I applied for the Fall 2017 cohort as well! It seems kinda funny that there are so few posts for fall but a ton for spring. I am excited to hear back, but we have a while to wait still. Good luck to everyone!
  8. by   vv1218
    I applied to the Fall 2017 program. I know that we have quite a while to wait for admissions decisions, but I'm hopeful and really excited! Where else is everybody applying?
  9. by   lexylynn
    I'm applying to Duke as well for Fall 2017. I hate that we don't find out for months, Duke is my first choice. I also applied to Stonybrook University and the University of Miami!
  10. by   lexylynn
    Anyone else get their Duke login info to check the status of their application?
  11. by   JDLFNP
    I did
  12. by   Gabby1506
    I also applied to the Fall 2017 cohort! Do you guys know when they start offering interviews (if at all) or when we will be notified about the admission decision? I noticed that in the 2016 thread someone commented that interviews are no longer being conducted but the Duke ABSN website still says "the minimum admission requirements to be considered for an interview are..."
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  13. by   hopefulFNP2017
    Is this thread still active? Posting is sparse and people aren't sharing their decision statuses...
  14. by   Gabby1506
    Has anyone heard?