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  1. Hey everyone!

    I was wondering if there was anyone out there applying to Duke's ABSN program for the spring or fall class in 2012. I'm going to apply, but can't decide if I should apply for the spring or the fall. If I apply for the Spring class- I will still have 3 prereqs to finish (micro, soc, and stat) which I can finish before the program starts. Is it crazy to apply to Duke with 3 outstanding prereqs? Should I wait until December and apply for Fall 2012 instead? At that time I will be currently taking the last of the prereqs. Any advice would be helpful! Especially if there's anyone who has gotten into Duke with 3 prereqs to go...
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  3. by   ArkansasRunner
    Why wouldn't you apply? The worst case is that you go through the process and don't get accepted. Then you just apply for the next cohort, and they'll probably keep at least some of your application on file to save you some hassle. Plus the experience of applying and interviewing will only help you the next time around.

    Good luck! I start at Duke in August- so excited!
  4. by   danceluver
    I think i'll be applying for spring---I think it ends nicely in May so we can easily transition into an MSN program (whether it can be at Duke or not)
  5. by   NCSUgirl
    Hi! I am going to Duke this Fall. When I applied I still had two pre-reqs to do. It is up to you when you should apply. You can still get accepted if you have pre-reqs to do. However, it is mandatory that you finish them before you start. Good luck!!
  6. by   bmichellejoyner
    Hey! I'm applying to the Spring 2012 ABSN cohort at Duke. I'm super excited!! Aaand, also super nervous.

    Do you mind if I ask what your background is like? Or anyone else who's on this thread, for that matter? I'm trying to get a feel for what I'm up against, ha.

    A bit of info about me:
    I'm Michelle. ("Hi!") I graduated in 2009 with a BS in Sociology and I finally found a job working in counseling last February. But, go figure, I've since realized that I'd much rather be a nurse than a therapist. So, I've been spending the past few months completing my prereqs. My undergrad GPA wasn't super-strong (3.27), but I have all As in my prereqs, with the exception of a B+ in stats from undergrad (and I'm thinking about retaking that one). Haven't taken the GRE yet, but have it scheduled for the end of May. It's so crazy to think that it's almost time to submit my application... It feels like I've been waiting YEARS!

    I don't think it would be crazy to apply with 3 prereqs left. The only reason I could possibly think of to wait would be if you needed the grades to compensate for a lower undergrad GPA. I think it should be fine. And good luck! Where else are you thinking of applying?
  7. by   hmgunc
    Hi Michelle!
    I'm glad there's someone else on here who's applying at the same time for the Spring 2012 class! I don't mind telling you about my background at all. I graduated from UNC in 2007 with a 3.85 GPA. My major was elementary education. I started teaching straight out of college and have taught fifth grade for two years and fourth grade for two years. I recently started volunteering at Rex hospital, and I'm in the process of getting CNA certified and finishing up my prerequisite classes. I have As in the prereqs I have taken so far, but I still need to take several (which I will hopefully get As in as well). When I submit my application I'll be currently finishing Stat and A&P II at the end of the summer session, and I'm planning to take a basic Sociology class and Micro in the fall. I will not have take Growth and Development and Nutrition by the time the program starts so I don't know if that will hurt my application or not. If I don't get into the spring cohort I'm planning on applying again for the fall.
    I'm also applying to UNC and maybe Winston Salem state, but I'm not sure about that one. I really want to go to Duke. I'm hoping I'll get in at least the second time I apply...Where else are you applying?
  8. by   bmichellejoyner
    Originally I was looking at ABSN programs and also the direct entry master's programs that some schools offer, but as the months have gone by I've decided that I'd rather work as a nurse for a while before picking a specialty. I don't want to get too ahead of myself! So, that said, I'm applying to Duke (#1 choice for me too!), ETSU (I'm a TN resident, technically), Columbia, Northern Arizona, and Southern Maine. They're definitely spread out all over the place. I live in Oregon right now and I'm pretty open to moving wherever. I tried to pick schools with strong programs, but that are also reasonable options AND that are located in places I wouldn't mind living and possibly working after school is over. Are you from NC? I totally agree with you, if I don't get in this first round then I'll be reapplying later this year. I want to go to Duke so badly!
  9. by   hmgunc
    Yes--I'm from, and currently live in North Carolina. I live in Raleigh right now and I really like it so I'd rather not move (or at least I don't want to move anywhere outside of NC). My dad is from Portland and we've been up there a fair amount--I definitely like Oregon a lot too! I'm hoping to stay here for school and work at a hospital around here as well. You'll have to keep me posted on how your application process goes--maybe I will see you at Duke some time!
  10. by   oaktown2
    Hi all - I am also applying for Spring 2012. I had actually applied for Fall, but one of my references never made it on time (my instructor had a death in the family, so I can't really blame him), but I was still pretty bummed! But there was some pretty tough competition for Fall, so hopefully it won't be quite as bad for Spring!

    hmgunc - my understanding is that they don't really pay any attention to whether or not you have taken Lifespan or Nutrition. They aren't prereqs and so no one has a leg up in the admissions process if they have them. So I would just apply for spring.
  11. by   danceluver

    What do you think makes a strong applicant for Duke? Besides GPA and GRE scores--what do they really emphasize? Is recent volunteer experience mandatory for example? I could use the advice since you've already been through this once Thanks!
  12. by   oaktown2
    Actually, I really haven't. My application wasn't complete and so it wasn't considered for Fall. And prior to the Fall application process I thought I would have known the answer to that based on previous threads, but Fall had a lot more people and some folks who I thought had super strong applications (based on what they posted here) didn't get an offer. What I heard from the interviews is that they are really looking for people who fit with the program, but unfortunately, I can't really tell you what that means. I wish I could!
  13. by   weluv3
    Hi there! I'm going to apply for the Fall 2012 cohort. I'm just starting my main pre reqs this summer, Physiology, then Micro and Anatomy this fall. Then I'll take stats and sociology in the spring. I have a BA in Marketing Communication and really just decided on nursing in the last year with the birth of my 3rd child. I want to work in labor and delivery or peds! I actually live in Southern California right now but we are planning a move to NC in the next year or so.

    good luck on finishing up the rest of your classes and with the application for spring 2012's cohort!
  14. by   bmichellejoyner
    Everything I've read on old threads implies that the personal statement is HUGE. I agree, I think they're looking at candidates holistically rather than as numbers on paper. That's encouraging for me, since my undergrad GPA isn't stellar. Speaking of which, do any of you all know whether courses from a school other than the one you graduated from will be calculated into GPA? I transferred to ODU with a 4.0, where I earned a 3.27 in courses there, and I've got a 4.0 in all my prereqs. Do you think they look at the total sum of all of these? Just curious. Something I thought about yesterday.