Draft changes objections due TOMORROW!

  1. The instuctors at my CC told us today (although I knew thanks to you guys!), that our objections to the proposed changes to the education rules with the BON are due tomorrow! So, please, please, please let others know and respond. I graduate from an AND program in May, and would rather go to another state before I will accept and work under these rules. -Andrea
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  3. by   VickyRN
    This is the latest draft. Very few, if any substantive changes have been made. Apparently, the multitude of letters and responses have not phased the education consultants one bit, as they refuse to be held accountable to their stakeholders:


    We need to make our voice heard on April 14th at the Education and Practice Committee Meeting!!! The meeting starts at 9 AM.


    If the present draft is enacted, our little school of nursing will shut down, as there is no possible way for us to exist under these conditions. We serve 4 of the poorest counties in the eastern part of the state. Health care will be very adversely affected in our region if we shut down.
  4. by   elkpark
    Not all of us disagree with the new rules -- I think they are a good idea.