Contract with UNC?

  1. Have any of you guys signed a contract to work with UNC for loan repayment? Would you do it again? Are you happy? If you have, I'd love to discuss it with you, please PM me.

    Thanks! :spin:
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  3. by   JUBSN
    I signed a contract with UNC Chapel Hill for next year. I'm in an accelerated BSN program and the money was too good to pass on.
    If there is anyone out there that knows about UNC Chapel Hill, the area, etc, I'd appreciate your input.
  4. by   lever5
    One of the best schools, and one of the most beautiful areas you can be in.
  5. by   WantAccel.BSN
    Is anyone comfortable sharing exactly how much money was offered? Also, to anyone that has been/is in the ABSN program at UNC, can you comment on how difficult the program has been?
  6. by   rn 2be06
    I signed a contract for loan repayment at UNC. It is a great place to work. I graduated last Dec., took boards in Feb, and started 4 days after taking boards. It is a teaching hospital so they are pretty of opportunies to keep learning.
  7. by   tma0312
    Hey guys,
    I'm graduating from a two year school and signed a 3year contract with UNC. I get $9000 (the pay scale is based on your degree and how many years you contract with them) 4500 up front, and 4500 after 3 years. It is taxed, but I believe they tax your paycheck throughout the 3 years. Hopefully this works out!