CCHS/Concord Spring 2012 admissions - page 4

Is anyone out there applying to CCHS for spring 2012? I submitted my application mid-September and was told that letters will go out around the beginning of November? How many students do they... Read More

  1. by   ncRNBSN715
    Thanks Ama8215 I was planning on doing that in the morning.
  2. by   eligon3
    So if we were denied will we recieve a letter? Or perhaps if we were considered for pre-nursing or pre-professional track I assume we would hear something.
  3. by   ama8215
    You should get a letter letting you know your status (accepted, waiting list, denied). Usually if you are denied the letter will offer you a spot in the Pre-Nursing or Pre-Professional Program. I know a few people last semester that were denied that never did get an actual letter. You should call the school this morning and ask them about your status. They should be able to tell you something now that letters have gone out - there would be a copy in your file.

    Hope you get good news today! If you do have to go the Pre-Nursing or Pre-Professional route please don't think its the end of the world. That is how the vast majority of CCHS students (myself included) get into the ADN program.

    Good luck!
  4. by   ncRNBSN715
    I received my wait list letter this morning and went to the school and turned in all of my required materials. There is still a little hope
  5. by   eligon3
    Awesome!!!! I called and left a voicemail, also sent two emails and have not heard back or received anything....Think my hope is out the door... ncNurse2b715 Did you receive email or letter?
  6. by   ncRNBSN715
    Hi eligon3,
    I got my wait list letter in the mail today. They were pretty busy today on the took me several calls to get through....don't get down just yet Try first thing in the morning!
  7. by   ianfamgrl1022
    I still haven't gotten a letter yet. I called them but they said that they can't give me any information on the phone.
  8. by   ama8215
    I just went by the office and asked what the policy is. They said if you aren't a current student that they can't give you any information over the phone or in person. They did say that the letters didn't go out until last Wednesday so it may still be a day or two before you get yours.

    Good luck!
  9. by   deni525
    What kind of GPA, SAT or ACT scores did people have who got accepted? Just wondering, I have all A's, but did not get in. Have never taken ACT, and my SAT score could be better. Did well on Verbal portion but not as well on Math.
  10. by   ama8215
    I am sorry that you didn't get accepted. Did they offer you a spot in the Pre-Nursing or Pre-Professional program?

    I heard that this semester they placed more emphasis on an applicant's standardized test scores. There were a lot of people that took/retook the ACT to boost their score. The average score of those that were accepted seemed to be around 23. I never heard anyone really talk about SAT scores. CCHS offers the ACT at the school several times a semester - maybe taking that would improve your chances of acceptance next semester.

    Hope this helps!
  11. by   ianfamgrl1022
    I still didn't get a letter today! I'm going crazy! What is the deal with being wait-listed? How does that work?
  12. by   Emme P
    I was accepted and my act score was a 21. It would have been a lot better if we had enough time to finish the section! I also have a 4.0 gpa and all my pre reqs done except medical terminology and nutrition. I had good references too so that could have helped! I'm new to CCHS and I've heard getting accepted from outside is pretty tough. Needless to say I'm extremely grateful and excited!
  13. by   ncRNBSN715
    Can't believe that January 9th is almost here! I can't wait to start!! I'm so thankful, nervous and excited!