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Hello! Anyone else put in their application for Spring 2013 for the ADN program at CPCC in Charlotte Nc? What was your Teas score? When do you think we will hear back from them? 1 month? 2? ... Read More

  1. by   mindi26
    Quote from hbrooke328
    Hi everyone- Congrats to all that are in CPCC's nursing program! I'm currently a CPCC student and I'm planning to apply for Spring 2014.. for those who don't mind sharing, can you please tell me your TEAS V scores and the amount of prereqs you had completed when you applied? I have 4 of the 7 completed and I'm wondering if I have a shot? Thank you!!

    I got accepted to start Fall '13. My overall TEAS score was 92%, math was 100% and reading was 97%. I had all pre-reqs finished except my humanities elective (which doesn't need to be completed til the 3rd semester of the nursing program) Good luck!
  2. by   ladynicole
    Hello applying to the nursing program at cpcc. Do anyone knoq how many points you need to get into the program? Or can anyone tell me their teas test scores havent taken it yet a little nervous. Thank you.
  3. by   Danidello
    Did you apply? I applied and I am so nervous!!!