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I am a Winston Salem resident. I am currently taking pre-reqs at FTCC and I will be applying to both Forsyth Tech's ADN program and Winston Salem State's Accelerated BSN program for January 2012. I... Read More

  1. by   ErinJane1
    Quote from Rolyat

    I recently graduated from UNCG with a BS in Kinesiology. I am interested in the ABSN program at WSSU. I did not have all my prequesites completed, however they will be completed at the end of this summer. Unfortunately I may have one class left to take in the fall. On the ABSN application there is a space for pre reqs, classes that the applicant is currently enrolled in. My question is...if I wait to take this class in the fall, and apply to the ABSN program will that current enrollment (incomplete pre req) hinder my acceptance?
    I hate to burst your bubble, but they pretty much won't look at you unless you have ALL your pre-reqs completed. I applied last year and was still working on my Developmental Psych class which was to be done in December. I was not chosen and so when I called to see why, the man who is in charge, said it was because I had not completed all pre-reqs. He said that they make a stack of those who are done and those who are not. If they get through the entire stack of those applicants who have all the classes taken, they will move to those who have not finished them. But with so many, chances are pretty slim.

    I would advise you to push yourself through and get everything done this summer. And if you cannot, sign up to take the nursing class at WSSU for the traditional program for Fall 2013. There is 1 class they offer in the Fall, 1 or 2 in the spring, and then 1 in the summer for traditional route. - Just advice. Wish I would have done that.
  2. by   homeschoolmom3
    Hi all,
    New to the forums here. I am almost done with my BA in Health Service Administration and have a few more pre-reqs to take. I plan to apply to WSSU and Duke.. I am in no hurry to get into either as I still home school my children. However, I do want to have this career for when I am done home schooling. Hope you all are doing well in your classes!