A&P classes online?

  1. Can anyone recommend any other schools in NC, besides Durham Tech, where one can take A&P II online? Or any of the typical science pre-reqs for the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill nursing schools? Thanks
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  3. by   ICU11
    I took all of mine at Cleveland Community College (Shelby, NC) online. You don't have to go to the school to register which is nice too. It is very easy to make an A in these classes.
  4. by   NCphoenix
    I took my A & P II at University of Phoenix. I checked with Durham Tech first to make sure they accepted it and they said they did. It's more expensive than any of the CC but if you can get the funding and are in a time crunch, it's worth it. It's 7 weeks long so intensive but they start continuously.
  5. by   nclady31

    You are a genius! I just looked at their (CCC) web site and their pre-reqs for A&P are less stringent than DTCC, as well as offering the classes online, which DTCC rarely does. Did you send transcripts to them or did you apply as "special student" status? Some schools let you apply under that status and waive the transcript requirement.
  6. by   NCphoenix
    I forgot - you may want to check this out as well: http://vlc.nccommunitycolleges.edu/

    It's the link for all the community colleges in North Carolina and has a distance education page. When I took my A & P, I wanted to be done by June and needed to hurry so I opted for Univ of Phoenix - an NC community college is of course much cheaper.
  7. by   ICU11
    Yeah, I am a "special student" or non-degree seeking student. I think I had to send them an "unofficial" copy to register because of some requirement -I think they wanted to see some College English or something like that for one of the classes I took. I was so happy because their Anatomy and Microbiology class had so few prereqs compared to the others- Yay!
  8. by   AmandaGrey
    I took A&P online at Edgecombe Community College. I had **** as my teacher. He is absolutely wonderful and I made A's in both classes. Highly recommended taking it online with him!
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  9. by   VickyRN
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  10. by   704RN2MSN
    I am thinking about taking A&P at Cleveland CC, just wondering how is the lab portion of these courses done?Also have you had any trouble with other schools accepting these courses?
  11. by   ICU11
    The Lab consists of a lot of labeling! I applied to UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke and both accepted it. I would just ask for a transcript evaluation or ask the school before taking it.