Normal to be nervous as hell?

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I just graduated in May and was lucky enough to land my dream job in LDRP. I'm so thankful and happy. But as hospital orientation comes to an end and I start orientation on the floor next week-I'm starting to have major anxiety. This is my first job as an RN. What if I suck terribly and they fire me? I have only started like 3 IVs in my life and I'm terrified to attempt to start one on a laboring mom. I don't want to torture this woman who is already in pain. What if I just don't fit in well with the other nurses and they run me out before I have a chance to prove myself and I lose my dream job? Ahhh I'm going to cry!

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What if you're awesome?

What if you're awesome?

I LOVE THIS! Feel better and think positively!

^^ I almost cried! Best. Reply. Ever.

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yes, it's normal to be nervous and as a preceptor, i'd expect you to be afraid you won't be good enough. it's the orientees who are convinced that they're awesome i have difficulty with. it's very hard to teach someone who is convinced they already know everything!

good luck with your orientation. and remember that the first year of nursing sucks. you're not in it alone. we all went through it.

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