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So, I have an odd background. I have a BA in Neuroscience, an MS in Health Care Policy and Management and a Diploma RN. I want to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Does anybody know of any Post-Masters FNP Certification programs that allow Non-Nursing Masters? I don't want to start over. Thanks!


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All post-Master's certificates refer to post-MSN. There are no nursing post-Master's certificate programs that will accept people with non-nursing Master's degrees. You will have to "start over" (although it's not really "starting over," since the core courses in MSN programs are content that none of your previous education has covered).

Best wishes for your journey ...

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Keep in mind that if you choose to do an RN-MSN route and do not complete the program you will most likely not be issued a BSN. Please verify with any program you choose that issuance of a BSN is an option if you do not complete the course is often not the case and I've had many nurses "caught" by that nuance.

Of course you can always do an RN-MSN NP program with the same caveat. Unfortunately, the courses you have take previously have minimal transfer application and will most likely not help you "speed" up the process. They will, however, supplement your knowledge base which is a nice factor to consider.

Good luck to you....