No work exp. Really need help!


I've been picking and choosing from different resumes I've seen online. So far my resume has:

Objective, degrees, clinical, skills, career development/licensing, and volunteer.

Since I don't have work experience, I've listed all the places I've had a clinical experience (even if it was for a small time), what rotation I did there, and at the end, I summarized what I've learned/done (consulting with whole team, had a leadership exp with a nurse, etc.)

Under skills, I'm not really sure what to put. From the consensus I've seen online, it's not necessary to put "administered medications", etc. I do have a year of language from college and I've learned basic phrases from when I was young- I just don't know if that's worth putting on there.

I also have attended conventions (put that under career/licensing) and was apart of my college's nursing club (under my education). Is that alright?

Any other tips would be great!

Uncle Rico

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I was in your situation until a fellow graduate showed me her resume. It basically had nothing on it other than contact info and university attended, maybe 5 lines total. Her advice to me was to keep it simple and don't try to fluff your resume with skills you necessarily don't have in order to fill out a block (erase the entire block was her response). Initially I laughed at her resume but she landed a job before me which forced me to edit my resume,

Has 33 years experience.

I had 30 years of experience.. makes writing a resume tough on the other side of the spectrum.

Finally bit the bullet, spent $200 on a professional resume. Landed my dream job.

Leave off your objective, facilities do not care what you want, only what you can do for them.

Start with your personal info...

Follow with a summary of qualifications---- here is my example for you---


  • Extremely high productivity and leadership. Highly qualified, motivated health care provider offering comprehensive nursing skills.

  • Over 20 years nursing experience in the following areas: Hospital, Primary Care, Disease Management, Medical and Psychiatric Patient Support, Supervisory Management.

  • Maximize resources to achieve quality care andthorough client evaluation and coordination of services, ensuring patient safety and confidentiality.

  • Adept and experienced in supervision, daily hospital unit management, problem solving. Excellent qualifications in communications and leadership.

  • Proven success in fast-paced and challenging environments. Quick study in new technology.

  • Computer skills include: MS Office Suite, Outlook, Cerner, McKesson, and Epic hospital software. Data Abstraction and Analysis.

    Add core competencies---- again my example, here is where you use key words used in their job description.

    [TD=width: 204] Assessment
    Client Safety/Comfort

    [TD=width: 235] Record Maintenance
    Chart Review
    Client/Public Interaction

    [TD=width: 218] InterQual Review
    Team Building


Finish with your work history in chronological order. Then education.

Hope it helps. Good luck, you made it through nursing school. you can do anything.