No vacation! worn out-- how do you guys do it?!

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How do you guys manage?!? I have been in this position for 3 years. First 2 years were "Ok" only got one week of actual vacation ( first year i didnt know i couldnt sell my vacation because company pilocy says "Mon-Fri positions cant sell" so I lost 2 weeks!- the first vacation I had the medicaid MDS nurse cover my manageing minutes, COTs, and tried to leave only a few assessments (as she has her own job to do as well). Second year SuCKEd even more..As DON started pulling me to the floor to work as a nurse every 4 weeks it seemed, I got "Volun"told I had to do IVS every tuesday (which ends up taking over EVERY tuesday).. so basically again I only really got 1 week of vacation with maybe 1 other total week (when I have 3 weeks total to slend cuz ive been with company 8 years!) 2nd year we tried training a extra PRN RN in MDS "real quick" to do my assessments while the medicaid MDS nurse just managed the minutes, RUGs, etc. Which didnt work well as the medicaid nurse had to answer a bajillion questions to the newbie and ended up doing most of the assessments herself..

I hate going on vacation and leaving my work to the medicaid nurse when I already know shes 2 weeks behind as well ;(. We are struggling to maintain our case load. McR is avg 23 and McD avg is 80.. we even have a careplan coordinator (but the MCd person is responsible for all PAS's that eat up a lot of her time )

Currently, We are short cart nurses for atleast a month til we get new nurses trained (even then- thats IF they stay!) All management staff is ran down to the ground with working 6 days a week covering all the carts.

This is the 3rd cycle in a year n half of lots of nurses quitting and management having to cover til back to "semi" normal..

DON is saying I need to pick a RN to train in PPS to "cover" me... but I dont think its as easy as that...

How do you guys go on vacation?!??

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I wish there was a good answer for you. We have two MDS Coordinator's. I do Medicare/Mgd Care. The other does regulatory and care plans. I am on call 24 hours per day. Even when I'm off, I go in or call in during the day to make sure everything is right. When I do take a vacation, I take a Thur,F, S, Sun, Mon. I vacay around my weekends. At times you are going to have to put your foot down about doing everything else but your own responsibilities. You are why your home is still working, your assessments being completed timely and accurately is money in everyone's pocket. Remember this. Good luck with everything.

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