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I was a green student in OB. The patient was having her 5th child. I went in to her and was reading discharge information. I told her it was advisable not to have sex for 6 mos. when I meant six days because of her stitches. She laughed and said that was great, but could I tell her husband! I realised my mistake and blushed a furious red. Another time, I found some tiny white pills on the bedside table of a patient. He started to put them in the draw.I said I was sorry but he wasn't allowed to take medication from home,and that all pills had to be prescribed by the Dr.and kept locked in the nurses station, he started to laugh and said, "Miss this aren't pills these are sacarhrine tablets, go ahead taste one," I touched my wet finger to one and laughed too!

Oh well, that's how we all learn.

Ouch 6 days can still hurt. But some people can't do without it! 4-6 weeks is ideal. OB can really be a lot of fun. I am actuallly persuing this as a specialty and love to joke with the ob moms. My favorite is when I do an ultrasound I tell oh look at your baby then turn the transducer and move it back and say oh look you have two inside! Most get a good laugh! But make sure it is not the serious type person.

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Maybe i meant 4-6 weeks because this was 34 yrs ago-see can't get the story straight even now lol! :)

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