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No one wants to hire a entry level nurse in Nevada, what should I do?


First of all I just wanna clarify that I am American citizen, but I got my nursing degree not in United States I went studying in the PH because it is cheaper like what my dad says who is American (And had payed for my education.) I graduated on April 2011 and flew to California, I had applied and had took the

Nclex exam in California once but Alas i did not made it.:grumpy: I went back to the PH, to get married, Applied again in California which took them 1 year to processed my documents and told me that I need to go to school once again. I was very angry why would it take them for 1 year to tell me that, I feel like my time has been wasted waiting. I had applied in Nevada which took me and tme 2 years to process everything. After that I was approved and had given the go signal to take the NCLEX exam. So I took my Nclex exam (June 2014) , And I passed.:)

The problem is that I could not see any jobs here in Nevada, I had applied

numerous time in different hospitals and I am not being considered. :banghead:. ( some expert had checked my resume and everything is good) So in my opinion they just don't wanna hire someone without experience here in Nevada. (I live specifically in Las Vegas) Sometimes I feel down, but I could not be unemployed. I had worked so hard for this profession.

I just wanna asked, (if you had experience this kind of situation, what did you do?)

Could I just apply in another state for a Registered Nurse jobs, because I can see that they would accept entry level. and after they would accept me I would just apply my RN license on that state?


Should I join the US Army nurses, they are hiring new grads?

(I want to volunteer just to have the experience, but the bills keep filling up, so I could not do that.)

Any Advice, opinions, is greatly appreciated.:yes:


caroladybelle, BSN, RN

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You can apply to other states but be aware that many have the same issue with your Phil. Nursing education that CA did.

Until the Phil. Nursing schools thatof enroll students that are seeking US licensure, begin complying with the concurrency requirement, US licensure will be difficult for those educated there. The rules about concurrency have on the books for a very long time, and they have been enforcing them strictly in CA for at least 10 years. The schools should have counseled you and you could have found out by speaking to the BONs of states that you wished to work in.

Hi sheenmarie! I feel your pain! Here in cali, the minimum reqt is usually one yr to 2yrs acute experience. There are new grad programs but I believe you need to be a fresh grad or at least 1yr since you were in school to get in. Competition is very stiff so you really have to stand out. Im Ph educated too but passed my Nclex in 2010. I was able to work in a SNF for 6mos and had to quit when I had a highrisk pregnancy. I am worried the more I put on hold my nursing career the less chances I'll have to be able to get back. Just hang in there and maybe apply in non acute care while passing time. My 6mos working in snf was great but a tad stressful. 100+ patients for you if youre the RN supervisor! Whew!

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Have you tried long-term care (LTC) or home care? While many experienced nurses say that home care is not a good idea for new grads, due to the autonomy and lack of resources when in the field, with a reputable company that offers lots of support and training, it is doable.

A friend of mine just recently landed her first nursing job in home care with a very reputable company; she will receive an individualized amount of training--some have shadowed/trained for up to 6 months. While such an orientation period is unlikely in LTC and perhaps with most home care companies, both areas seem to be more open to hiring new grads.

Good luck!

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