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What if I am going to be a college undergraduate freshman at a four year (SFSU) but now I have no money to put me through school (approx 26,000 needed). If I take out loans, by the time I graduate I will owe almost 100000. If I stick with SFSU, what sort of grants and scholarships can you recommend to help me get through SFSU? Or should I drop out of SFSU before school starts and attend a community college instead, complete gen ed and prerequisites there, and then transfer to a four year institution (in California). I do plan on getting a job to alleviate the financial hole, but which route seems better? stick with SFSU or go to community college instead?

I understand there is the Pell grant and scholarships to apply to, but it is so late in the summer and my financial situation changed so suddenly that I fear it is too late to apply to them. Am I wrong?


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Never too late to apply. You never know. May not be processed before classes begin. I def think you should take pre reqs at a community college. Much luck to you.

Thank you for responding so quickly! So based on your knowledge, does the community college route seem better? I know financial aid also acts as an investment in a nursing career, since the salary is great, but is all that debt worth it?


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Worth it is relative to me. Is it your dream career? Yes I'm a believer that community college is best. I've struggled with this a great deal. I believe if it's a public education. Like a community college the debt it worth it. Maybe you'll get a pell grant!!!!

Unfortunately I do not quality for the Pell because my dad makes too much to reasonably state me as independent. He has been refusing to pay for my college even though when I accepted my SFSU admission months ago he said I had his full support. I'll eventually work out my financial issues, but thank you so much for your input!

Yes, it is my dream career! I can't imagine a better way to spend the rest of my life, learning and helping others!


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I would go to a CC. I just paid an arm and leg for my LPN and I think to finish out my schooling to get my BSN. I am going to use pell grants, any scholarships and pay out of pocket. So to save as much money as possible I am going to go to a community college.


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My granddaughter just had to step away from a state university this week because she couldn't come up with the fees for the early start courses nor the housing or the tuition for fall semester. She applied to a community college and doesn't even have enough money to take one course at $46 a unit. She is adjusting her plans to look for work and is dreading the possibility that fast food gigs may be her future. This is what happens when people and their families don't prepare for the money-draining life change that is college. While it sucks that you must go through this, it will teach you that if you want something badly enough you will make a way. Good luck to both of you.