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No Immunization Records? Hep B?

Hi all! So I was accepted into nursing school and of course, they require proof of all immunizations. Well... I don't have proof. No my parents don't have it, nor my schools or doctors. So I got titers and a TDaP booster. However, I failed my Hep B titer?! Now I'm totally freaking out because the Hep B vaccine series takes 6 months and the program starts in January. I won't hear back from the department until Monday and I'm wondering if anyone out there can calm my nerves or tell me their experience?

Here.I.Stand, BSN, RN

Specializes in SICU, trauma, neuro.

I want to say we were able to start the program after the 1st dose of the hep B series -- we just had to provide the documentation for the 2nd and 3rd promptly administered doses. You'll have to wait and see what your school says though

Just curious what school did you get accepted in?

Hi Shephfra,

I just got accepted into a nursing program for spring, too! So exciting! I keep telling myself to not sweat the small stuff & enjoy my time right now, before nursing school starts. :laugh::nailbiting:

Funny that I found this post. Just a couple of days ago, I had the same worry about the Hep B shot. I confirmed with my school, just like Here.I.Stand said; I need to get started now, but be diligent w/ submitting the remainder.

You might've noticed that the MMR takes 2 rounds, also, but there's plenty of time knock that one out since there's only a 30 day wait between shots 1 & 2.

As far as getting all of your past immunization records without your parents' help, just call your doctors' offices. My gynecologist had one, then Costco, then Walgreens, etc. It was really helpful to have a fax machine! If you've got a friend or relative with one... use it. Otherwise, call & then drive to pick up your papers. (Or fight Walgreens. Ugh.) BTW; I asked all of these places for my completed shots last Monday, and I had it all by Thursday.


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