No idea what to do...


Hi there,

So I recently graduated with my BSN (May 2013). I have attempted the NCLEX three times and haven't passed... But I am not sure that I really, truly want to pass.

My passion is for people. Not medicine. So I have recently been thinking to not take my test again and look into other career options.

I am wondering what my other career options without a license are, if any?

I am definitely interested in the social work or case worker or even the administration side of things. I just love caring for people, that is the bottom line. I just don't love the science, meds, and all of that. I never really have and it has never come easy to me, but I believe nursing school was so tunnel-visioned that I didn't have the opportunity to explore other options.

Please give me feedback! I know that I may need to take more classes. I am meeting with a career advisor ASAP, I just wanted to get some input now because I am feeling stuck in my life and want to move forward!

Thanks so much everyone!!


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You have no career options without your RN. I mean, you DO, but you will have to obtain an ENTIRELY different degree. I know people with their RN who get into doing public health (not quite so bedside nursing-y) and some that work in offices of sorts. It's not really necessary to go into a hospital with your RN, but it would be nice to make that money while you go back to school to do something you love.


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It would be a shame for you to have spent your time and money on your education without getting any use out of it. But if you really don't have the desire for nsg, then struggling for your licensure and beginning nsg career will have you being miserable. Finding non-bedside nsg positions for an inexperienced new nurse will most likely be difficult altho not impossible.

Nsg education is just so science-based that those credits and all your clinical hours will be lost. It would be hard to bridge over into most other careers without more career-specific education (ie social work, counseling, administration, etc).

Good luck with whatever you choose - I believe that career advisor can direct you better than I.