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No Good-pop up...Which Review should I try next?

by murseymurse murseymurse (New) New

Sooo, I took my NCLEX today.

I can say it wasn't that difficult, but I got alottt of infection control and probably about 20-30 SATA. I went through all 265 questions. When I got out of there, I tried the PVT, and well, it took me straight to the CC-page. I was feeling okay about the test until the 200th question and I guess I panicked at that point. I'm 75% sure I failed, but I'm trying to stay positive because I heard even those who didn't get a pop-up still passed.

Anyway, just in case I failed, I wanted to ask some advice from you all. I did Kaplan review to study for my test and clearly that didn't work out. Is there any other great review out there? I heard alot of mixed reactions from NCBSN and Hurst review, but I'm still not sure which one to try next and I thought Kaplan was great enough already...


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Hang in there murseymurse, and just try to wait and see for sure.

If you did, in fact, not pass this time around, I would call Kaplan. They have some sort of guarantee if you do not pass.

How long did you work with Kaplan? If you did not pass, it could be that you just did not have enough time to study. I think I would give Kaplan another try. My instructor told me to practice 50 Qs three times a day (in TUTOR mode - this way you see where you went wrong right away). So that's what I did. I took one day off a week. I could tell that something was beginning to "click" and I was starting to understand how to answer the questions better.

Good luck, and I hope it's a glitch and you DID pass!!!