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I'm a grad LVN. Still waiting for my results abt nclex in mail. I'm starting to worry because I really have no experience in health care at all other than the fact that my son was born with a serious CHD. My work experience consists of a newspaper delivery driver at night. Was it hard to find a job as an LVN? I am so ready to work!

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It's not hard to find an LPN job around here without experience, IF you are willing to work long term care, and are flexible about the hours/shifts.

Good luck to you.

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Was it hard to find a job as an LVN? I am so ready to work!
It was very easy for me to find work as an LVN, primarily because I live in a large metropolitan area that has plenty of opportunities.


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I passed the Nclex on Nov. 7th. All I have for experience is customer service with some daycare. I had no problem finding a job. One day I had 5 people call to interview me. I also turned down 3 jobs last week after I found the day shift I wanted. You just have to be willing to work. I did however find it easy to score a job once I got my license. I also live in a metro area with many different facilities. I was nervous too about the no experience thing. I'm sure you'll be fine.

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