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:crying2: Ok I have graduated from LPN school since June 09 but I took my Nclex and passed it Feb 2010 due to a waiting list in NY. Now I'm looking for a job in any facility hospital, Nursing home but I don't have any luck of course due to my lack of experience I'd say. I'm contemplating doing homecare at night and still look for day jobs also I was told to make sure I get . I have several questions:

1- Does anyone know of any locations in NY that are hiring non experienced LPN?

2- Is working in home care a strategic move for me right now?

3- Any advice on how to go about my search for jobs, any websites or facilities you know hiring, Any advice at all?

Thank you,

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Im in VA and have the same problem. I passed my nclex last week and already have had potential employer call and say that when I get a year of experience to call them back. Wish you luck my friend!! We will be successful! Just gotta keep on looking

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where in NY? have you tried the NY forum on this site? Also most nursing homes will hire you w/o experience..thats where I and 3 of my classmates are now....good luck


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Thank you both for replying, @New in NY yes I have I called, emailed, went in person they just took my resume filled out and app and was told that they will call me as soon as they have openings... Needless to say still waiting lol, but I'm very optimistic but sometimes these things can discouraging.

Thank you guys,

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I also had the same issue, I have no experience as an LPN, but had 7 years experience as a CNA. I finally landed a job in LTC. It's going ok, but not really what I had in mind. Keep looking, something will come up.


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I am not in NY but even nursing homes in my area rarely have a job for new grad. Even one in a bad area that I thought might only get a few applicants and maybe would take a new grad they said get back with them after I have 1 yr. experience.

Good Luck to all new Grads.