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No electrictonics? How’s your work place

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So here’s a little back story. I work for a Mohs surgeon.  We do surgery in the morning then have lunch from 12-1 then see patients in the PM. We CANNOT have our phones on us at all except for during  our lunch.  We have to put our phones in this box right when we get to work. As of yesterday we were allowed to wear our apple watches, but just couldn’t be on them at work (i.e if we went to the bathroom we could look at our watch). So today when we came to work our manager told us no more Apple watches pre the Dr.  Also this isn’t HIS office. He have people that are higher up than him, but that was his decision. Also he has a Apple Watch and checks it constantly and will look at it when he’s with a patient and just walk out and leave the room.  

On top of all this our phones are recorded here at work. Which I don’t care about. The fact of the matter is that, I have 2 small kids, and a husband that isn’t mentally well ATM and if someone calls or texts me, I want to be able to find time in between patients, and take care of anything I need to. Not get called out during surgery to answer a phone call from my kids school ( that I could have called back if I seen it on my watch)

i guess I’m just wondering do any of you guys have to deal with this at your job. 

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I would take to your employer about your situtation. Most understand that you do have a life outside of work and emergencies do happen. If they won't budge on it, I would take it even higher up as it seems necessary. Also I would give your family and friends your work phone number just in case.  

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