No adult experience is it still possible to get into a CRNA program


I work in the neonatal intensive care unit and do a secondary in the PICU., I have had a lot of experience with dopamine,vasopressin,milrone,epi,vents,oscillators,jets along with PAL lines and UAC/UVC. Although our patient population is not as large little mistake become big problems. My GPA was 3.4 for BSN and 3.75 for MSN. Has anyone else been able to get into a CRNA program without the adult experience?



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Trying to do that very thing right now....I have 6 yr NICU exp. with ECMO, cardiac transplant qualifications,and the last two years I have done critical care transport for kids and infants where I intubate, place umbilical lines, needle chests and place IO's. I was told at my counceling session for Kaiser that I was weak in adult exp. So I just got a job in the adult ICU just in case as PRN. I asked during the session if I should wait a year before I applied and they told me absolutely not! So not sure if you can get away with it at Kaiser but maybe else where.


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Absolutely. While most schools prefer adult many are now taking picu/nicu rns. Sounds like you've got great experience and the msn will definitely help. if poss may not hurt to take the adult ccrn. I believe a nicu rn will start UC with me in fall so go ahead and go for it! Good luck!

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