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Hi all,

I'm interested in doing a direct-entry MSN, and ultimately want to specialize in neonatal. However, I know that you can't be an NNP without some experience first.

If I have the NP in something like Peds, and I want to get NICU experience, how should I go about doing this? Maybe work as an RN in the NICU for awhile?

Any advice would be really helpful! Thanks.

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I want to be a neonatal nurse practitioner as well, but with a Doctoral in Nurse Practitioning (DNP). I have been researching it a fair bit, and from what I can tell many schools require two years of experience working as an RN in a level II or III NICU. This would mean that you would have to work in a NICU in order to be accepted to many NNP programs.

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And if you are an NP, few places will hire you as a staff RN due to liability issues. Maybe an accelerated BSN might be better for you?


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Completing a pedi nurse pracitioner program will not help you reach your goal of NNP -- the two roles and bodies of knowledge are entirely different. Might it be simpler to just complete a basic RN program, get the NICU experience, and then enter an NNP program? If you're looking at direct entry MSN programs, you must already have a baccalaureate in something -- have you looked at accelerated BSN programs? That would be quicker than a direct entry MSN, and you wouldn't be putting time, effort, and $$$ into a difficult, demanding graduate program in a specialty that doesn't interest you.


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I say work in NICU as an RN while pursuing your MSN. Also, go to the NICU board, there are a few NNP students who post there.

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