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NMC Registration Lapsed

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My nursing registration lapsed 5 days ago. When I was sent my renewal pack I completed the Notification of Practice Form and sent it back straight away. The yearly fee came out of my bank account by direct debit before the date of renewal so I presumed all was well. This morning I got another Notification of Practice in the post with a letter saying I would need to complete it before the renewal date (5 days ago). I checked the online register incase the my previously completed form had crossed with the new one in the post but my name is no longer on the register, so it appears not to have reached the NMC. I telephoned them and got through to a very unhelpful person. With some persuasion she guided me through the process of registering with their online service and I completed the Notification of Practice Form online. When you complete the form online it says it can take up to 48 hours for confirmation to be sent. My question is, do the NMC inform my employer of the 5 day lapse in registration? I am Deputy Manager of a nursing home and have been at work this week during the lapse, but haven't carried out any clinical duties during that time, so haven't technically been practicing as a nurse this week. I'm on annual leave now for a week so my registration will be confirmed before I'm back at work. Thanks for any answers!!

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Is the fee set as direct debit or did you include a form with your Notification of Practice form? I would say if included with form then how did they know to take fee out?

I think I would try and speak to someone higher at the NMC

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Thanks for your reply. The direct debit was already set up for the payment to come out. I think it came out around 10th June. Have just checked the letters I've had from them. The first one with the Notification of Practice was sent to me in May. This is the one I completed and sent back. Checked all my dates again and my registration was due for renewal 30th June. Just had an email confirming it has now been renewed so I was 'unregistered' for 1st, 2nd, 3rd July. I should have checked the online register on or before 30th June to make sure I was on it, but I've never had any issues before so just didn't think to do so. I presumed that as my payment had been taken and I'd sent the form back that there wouldn't be any problems. I only received their 2nd letter today, although it was dated a week ago.


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The NMC may not inform your boss however your manager should check your registration, and if not you have a professional responsibility to inform them as you have been in breech of your contract by letting your registration lapse, and even if you were doing admin work you were still acting in the capacity of the deputy manager and as such a registered nurse. So you were practising illegally.

You're right Silver 4, that I have a professional responsibility to inform my employer which I am going to do as soon as I am back at work. I did not let my registration lapse on purpose. The money was paid and I genuinely believed I was registered as I sent the paperwork back to the NMC within the specified time period. However I should have checked on the NMC website to see that the registration had been renewed. Have made myself sick with worry over this today. I've always been a very honest, responsible and professional person at work and would go against all my principles if I tried to conceal this.