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the future of nursing education: ten trends to watch

barbara r. heller, marla t. oros, and jane durney-crowley

the millennium has become the metaphor for the extraordinary challenges and opportunities available to the nursing profession and to those academic institutions responsible for preparing the next generation of nurses. signal change is all around us, defining not only what we teach, but also how we teach our students.

transformations taking place in nursing and nursing education have been driven by major socioeconomic factors, as well as by developments in health care delivery and professional issues unique to nursing. here are 10 trends to watch, described in terms of their impact on nursing education.

1. changing demographics and increasing diversity

2. the technological explosion

3. globalization of the world's economy and society

4. the era of the educated consumer, alternative therapies and genomics, and palliative care.

5. shift to population-based care and the increasing complexity of patient care

6. the cost of health care and the challenge of managed care

7. impact of health policy and regulation

8. the growing need for interdisciplinary education for collaborative practice

9. the current nursing shortage/opportunities for lifelong learning and workforce development

10. significant advances in nursing science and research

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Thanks for posting this interesting article. It does show that RN's need a well rounded education and a life long education to deal with the next 40-50 years of professional work and change.


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Thanks so much, Karen. Very insightful article. I especially was taken by this quotation: "The impact of the Human Genome Project and related genetic and cloning research is unparalleled. Gene mapping will drive rapid advances in the development of new drugs and the treatment and prevention of disease. Technological sophistication of the highest order is required for this research, which has the potential to lead to unparalleled ethical questions and conflicts while bringing about critical diagnostic and therapeutic developments."

It is being stated in nursing academia that the human genome project has a much potential for transforming health care as did the germ theory in the 19th century or development of antibiotics in the 20th century.

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