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Well, the nail biting is over. I got a 153 composite score on my pre entrance exam. Now, for the next round of nail biting...waiting to see if I get into the nursing program for next fall. This is all so frustrating. Does anyone else lay awake at night wondering if you are going to spend a bundle on pre-reqs, then not get accepted?


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Congratulations Hoppermom3! I am very happy for you. My co-worker found out today that she has passed the NLN with a composite score of 114. We only need a score of 100 to get accepted. I have a week and a half before I find out how I did. Good luck to you! Hope you get in for the Fall. I'm hope to get in the Spring term. Keep up posted. Again.....Congratulations!:balloons:


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Dang! 153! Wowzers! :eek:

Did you hit the 100th percentile? I got 144 & was in the 98-99th. I'm impressed! :)

(That science was the toughest!)


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I was in the 99th percentile. I don't think it is possible to be 100th percentile, unless you get them all right. 100th percentile would mean you did better than 100% of the norm. At least that was my understanding. I am just hoping that it was good enough to get me in. I won't find out till April or May.


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Ohhhhhh it's so stressful waiting, isn't it?? My NLN composite was 143 and I have a BA in another discipline, and I didn't get in last year :(. I did get in this fall, though, and my ADN program has a 98% NCLEX pass rate, so I'm hoping it was worth the wait!

Good luck!



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with a 150+ if you dont get in, id sh1t myself..

no really I would ;)


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Not to sound like a dweeb, but how do you figure where you rank? My composite score was 105. What percentile does that put me in?


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It should say on your test result paper.

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