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Hello everyone. I take the NLN this week. I've been studying for almost two weeks and can't score high on practice test. Does anyone have any tips. I have finished all my pre reqs and have all A's so why is this nln so hard. It's making me so worried. I have to score high for the points. Idk what else to do. Please any tips and pointers would be appreciated. I mean if I passed my reqs no problem this should be easy but it's not. I'm having trouble with the science part. The math and English is no problem. Ty in advance.

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Hi Katie! I'll be taking the NLN on 8/8 and I'm getting really high scores on the practice test, so I'll give you some tips.

For science, a lot of it is just lots of repetition - If you've already taken A&P then then that does help with the biology portion a bit. Know how plant cells are made up, what are the roles of plants in the food chain etc.

If you've got the book (along with the handy CD rom) then just keep plugging away at it - make a bunch of flashcards (you can even use quizlet) for all those terms and then practice defining them.

I aim for at least 2hrs of study time a day - even if it's stuff I've gone over before and have no trouble with, because then it stays fresh in my mind. A lot of this is just repetition, repetition, repetition.

Keep at it, but don't forget to take breaks! And try not to get too stressed out as that can often hinder our progress.

Good luck!! Also, if you are having trouble with particular concepts, check out or Crash Course on youtube - they have videos on lots of the stuff covered in the NLN :)


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Your post is too general, so I have no idea why you struggle with the test. What do you think the problem might be?