NLN exam + review


I saw some onethread but it is pretty old so I am creating a new one. I went and took te teas once without reviewing and I passed the reading of course I did not do too bad in english aad math but it wasn't enough (I was supposed to go to a va nursing program) but I have no clue what so ever on the NLN.

How hard it is? Did you have to study a lot? Do they allow calculators? How much cost the study guide? Can you take some pre test online?

Thank you.

I am planning on taking it at the latest Feb 11 to sign up for the program in March 11


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You definitely should put some study time into it just because the points for it are used towards where you rank to get into clinicals. For clinicals they assign points for each class you have taken and also for what your score was on the NLN. For a 90-99 6points, 80-89 5points, 70-79 4points, ect... So it definitely can help the higher your score is. The test is on the computer and they have a calculator that you can use. They also will give you scrap paper you can use too. I think I paid around $25 for the study guide and it had practice tests in it. You probably could find the study guide cheaper though on

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Thank you for you help....I think I am going to have time to study if I don't quit...I just called the campus and almost all my classes are not transferring I am beyong discouraged! I am a mother of 2 and I have been in college for the past 2 years for nothing basically.