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nln entrance exam question


i posted in the generalthread the same thing but i am not getting response so sorry for the double post.

i just took the nln exam and got my score back, the teacher posted it on her website but i only have that i scored 140. they said their passing grade was 96. but i dont know if scoring 44 points higher will make that much if a difference or not? is that a good score? i have nothing to base it against. i only got to study for a couple days before the test. Literally i wasw told i was eligible to take the test on Nov. 26 and i took it on Dec. 1.( i could not take it until i took a compass test for the school). i was also worried because i asked 2 different people at the school whats on the test andthey told me just math, reading, and vocab. they never said science too! kinda caught meoff guard.

i really want to get accepted and am nervous because i have been out of school for 9 years. i was worried about taking the test becasue i havnt done any math or science for that long.

i am out of state too, andi dont want this to make them not want me to attend. its just stressing me out .

i emailed today and asked if i could have the percentile i was in and all they said back was that that dosnt matter only the composite score did. she also said they would be meeting as a commity monday to decide. i applied to west virginia northern. does anyone know what they base their descisions on primarily?

wow I thought I would have got a reply by now. I got my letter from nln. I'm in the 97 th percentile. I'm still nervous though. I am the last group to take the nln for spring 09. I'm up against about 30 who took it. They won't say how many more they are taking for spring class. Or how much the nln test is a factor in the descision. They said they are meeting Monday and I will get a letter after that. Should I really be worried or am I freaking out for no reason?

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People probably haven't replied because they don't know. I'll tell you this though: 97-ile means that you scored better than 97% of the people who takes the test. I would say that you are in. Congrats on the great score!

I guess what I should ask is does anyone know of someone that scored high on their entrance exam and did not get admitted?

I guess what I should ask is does anyone know of someone that scored high on their entrance exam and did not get admitted?

If everyone else scored 141 you are in trouble.

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