NLN?AACN? CCNE? NLNAC? Which associations' approval is the most important?


Hi everyone,

I am preparing to choose a school for the RN-BSN-MSN program. There are schools that are either approved by NLN,AACN, CCNE or NLNAC.

Which associations' approval is the most important? Does it reflect the quality of the program and my ability to get accepted into a MSN program?

I am from overseas and now work as an RN.

I hope to enter an Informatic Nursing Masters program someday.

I'd greatly appreciate any input or advice.


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both accreditation's are equal...just depends on school which they choose (hearing ccne is cheaper). due to accreditation regulatory issues, both organisations have separate arms that accredit nursing programs.

nln's focus been all levels nursing education and nursing programs while aacn focus is collegiate education.

nln = national league for nursing

in 1893, the american society of superintendents of training schools for nurses was created as the first organization for nursing in the us. the society formed for "the establishment and maintenance of a universal standard of training" for nursing. they change their name in 1912 to national league for nursing education (nlne). in 1952, they combined with the national organization for public health nursing, and association for collegiate schools of nursing combine to establish the national league for nursing (nln). the organization effectively assumes responsibility for accrediting nursing education programs.

for over 100 years they have been the standard bearers of our profession.

[color=#336699]nlnac - national league for nursing accrediting commission

the national league for nursing accrediting commission nlnac is the recognized accrediting body for the accreditation of all types of nursing education.

aacn - american association of colleges of nursing

the american association of colleges of nursing is the national voice for university and four-year-college education programs in nursing. representing more than 585 member schools of nursing at public and private institutions nationwide, aacn's educational, research, governmental advocacy, data collection, publications, and other programs work to establish quality standards for bachelor's and graduate-degree nursing education, assist deans and directors to implement those standards, influence the nursing profession to improve health care, and promote public support of baccalaureate and graduate nursing education, research, and practice. web site: [color=#336699]

the commission on collegiate nursing education (ccne) is an autonomous accrediting agency contributing to the improvement of the public's health. ccne ensures the quality and integrity of baccalaureate and graduate education programs preparing effective nurses.


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Thanks a lot for a such useful information. It pretty much answer my questions.


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I have a similar question. In my area there are only 3 RN programs, two of which are accredited by NLNAC and one NLN. All three have agreements with the local university to accept their graduates into the BSN program.

So am I to understand that NLNAC and NLN are accrediting bodies of equal stature? Or is one more highly recognized?

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