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NKU - You get what you pay for

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I have to say this program is well, questionable. If I can do it over, I would pay extra to go elsewhere. One technical glitch after another in the physical exam class has soured my attitude towards this program and I regret coming here.

The only professor who teaches the class apparently has been the only professor to mess up running a class. The other classes I have had have been on par with online classes. I was in another program before that was online and new before I had to quit due to a divorce and needing to work full time. That program was great and involved two in campus events. One was the physical assessment and you learned genital exams with a group that is contracted with medical and NP schools. It cost a lot more.

Like maybe this teacher was having an off semester. I don’t know.

1. Messing up the practice and actual assignments. Their ihuman grades are weird. No one could figure out how they are graded. It seems more dependent on the TA. First week they listed the grades assignment as Harvey Hoya instead of Carolyn Cross so several people did Cross first thinking she was the practice. Nope.

2. Changing due dates. They moved the due dates from a Saturday to all being on a Tuesday. More time, right? Oops. No. “Technical glitch.” Everything is due on Saturday (it was Thursday).

3. The test. Every answer was the first option. Instead of being a normal instructor, the instructor put the question like

What meows?

A. Dog

B. Cat

C. Dog

D. Chicken

1. B

2. A

3. D

4. C

Not joking. Yes, she randomized the questions by putting the options in the question instead of putting the answers by the numbers. First test she did not randomize the questions.

4. She accused a bunch of people of cheating on the first test. Sent out a mass email with a linked policy describing the policy for investigating academic dishonesty which she did not follow and then tell everyone they failed. Kudos to NKU conduct office for making her backtrack and actually follow the proper procedures. Shame on her for not following to the letter and even lying. She told people that there was no way that every answer was A. She even lied to one girl by telling her that the appeal process started with the girl emailing her an account. Anyway, most were cleared of the accusations but many withdrew when she first threatened them. Some had to repeat a week. The student conduct office really came to bat for the students since the policy clearly said she would have to meet with a phone call to the students and present evidence. She still didn’t present all the evidence as some people were accused of participating in a Google doc and had to make up an extra week but claim they didn’t talk about the doc in their meeting.

5. Changes in the head to toe. They decided no one can use papers for their physical assessment. OK. You had to scan the room too. Except... you had a strict 25 minute limit and they didn’t add time in for this new requirement. Also now you have to get vitals too. They also never made their own assessment and instead used a Youtube video from another school as an example which didn’t cover half of the stuff they wanted like rinne test, weber test, mini mental cog, reflexes, etc. Did spend like 8 minutes on a breast exam which we did not have to do. I think the instructors should have their own physical assessment video to clearly show it can be done and have clear expectations of what they want. Otherwise it seems like they’re a step above stealing others work to make their job easier.

6. Forgot this one. 2nd test had multiple errors like “material BP” instead “maternal BP” and one question was even missing other options besides D.

7. Professional requirement. So they did waive this but normally they require you to have a professional office setting for the final exam. They also don’t mention this till you’re in the class or if they do, it is buried. How easy is it to actually get permission to use an office? Or book several days at campus if they really offered time for students to go there to practice (some said they did but they seemed to ignore people who asked about how to do it). I’m guessing 90% of the people utilize their work without asking. Oh and the modules were locked so you couldn’t do the final exam early.

You get what you pay for. Maybe they will overhaul the class. Probably not. It was one issue after another. I’m stuck since I invested money with other classes but I have seen people happier with Walden and other for profits. If you read nothing about a school, it isn’t a good thing.

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Ally any updates? Contemplating this school because they’re available in Florida but I can’t find much information. The reviews are so so 🥴.