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NJ/camden county college LPN program?????HELP

by passion4nrsing passion4nrsing (New) New

Hi everyone. I'm researching LPN schools....not much in philly, but I found one in camden...does anybody know anything about this program??? ( camden county college) HELP

I have a friend at work whose enrolled in the LPN program at CCC. I wish I had known about it before I started at the school that I'm enrolled in because the tuition in only 5K which is about 15K less than what I'm paying. You can get most of the info that you need re: admissions off of the college's website. Here's the link http://www.camdencc.edu/departments/nursing/lpn.htm

Hi Babycakes.,...thank you...but I did not find it listed with the NJ national league of nursing ...im worried that it isn't legit, whats strange is that there are quite a few other places listed but not ccc...

You're welcome:wink2: I think that the LPN program at CCC is new which is why it isn't accredited by the NLN yet. From what I understand, a school has to have a certain percentage of the students pass the NLCEX before they can recieve accreditation from the NLN. But don't quote me because I'm not 100% sure about that. Try calling the admissons office. Somebody there should be able to give you an explanation. But I don't think the program is fake. Camden County College has been around for a long time and has a pretty good reputation.

Thanks again...I am really interested in this program, it would be a good choice for me...just over the bridge and you can prepare for your RN to!!!

hi hope you get this message. i was part of the first lpn graduating class at ccc. we just graduated dec 08 and had our pinning ceremony in jan of 09. the program is legit and is accredited it's just that it is so new they are still ironing out the kinks. the 2nd class is graduating this may. i have copied you on the contact info. any questions just ask


e. marlene c. lazarus rn, msn-ed.

pre-nursing/nursing coordinator

camden county college

jefferson hall, room 203

[color=#000]200 college drive

blackwood, nj 08012

blackwood office - (856) 227-7200, ext 4566

camden office - (856) 968-1371

fax - 856-374-4970

hi, romac396 I just wanted to know how long is the program, was it hard, and work kind of work are you doing or will do with your lpn, by the way congrats to you too. I have my pre-reqs done at ccp. also how much did it cost for the program. I did try to call thanks for any info

Hi, bellylovely

The program started ( for me) Sept 07 . The CNA portion was part of it but you didn't have to do that ifyou were already a CNA. We went to school through the summer and ended Dec 08. We opted to go thru the summer but that is something that is still up in the air. I think that may change if too many students complain. I liked that because I didn't want to end in May of 09.. at that point could have been an RN!!

As long as you have your pre-reqs done, it shouldn't be hard. Mine were done too. I know for the girls that had to take Microbiology etc along w/their nursing classes it was really challenging. Honestly, I thought it was pretty easy BUT at the same token, maybe it should have been more challenging because I'm not sure how prepared I will be for the "real world." We had our clinicals at Cooper Hospital ( the classes are only held in Camden) and at So jersey Healthcare . What you got out of clinicals was luck of the draw. I did alot of head to toe assessments and bed changing! Passed out meds a few times and gave a few injections but that's about it. Never inserted a foley or did trach care so you can just imagine what the real world will be like when I start working!!

We also didn't get the kind of hands on lab time that I would have wanted but I think that was because we were the 1st class and they just werent ready. It is a good program but then again I have nothing to compare it to. We had some good clinical instructors that were there one rotation and not for the next. The consistency would have been nice. As far as cost, I had financial aid for the whole thing but I'm pretty sure it is under 10000. They don't overwhelm you with unnecessary books and supplies ie they let you use the same book the entire year ( adult health I, maternity, peds, psych and adult health 2). Compared to some of the technical schools ( over 20000) they are "cheap. "

I just took my boards on Wed and thought they were hard! Alot of critical thinking pertaining to stuff I didn't even study!! I really want to go into Homecare but I think you need 1 yr experience..If I pass I'm gonna try anyway!

Were you in a different field before you decided to go into this?

hey romac396, thanks for the info. I was credit conselor for a few years, and felt like i wasn't going nowhere. Ever since I was in middle school I wanted to do nursing, so i went back to school in 2005. Right now I'm working at Bryn Mawr Hospital as a Patient Care Tech. I really want to go for rn first, but I think lpn route might easy transition to rn plus my gpa is not super high only 2.8 . I hope you pass nclex . I'm going to apply to camden, cost is cheap, may have to do a year if that, and at the end of the day I'm a nurse. The field I'm interested in is correctional or rehab. Are you going to a rn program? Helene Fuld or our lady of lordes? How many graduated in your class? and since I have pre-reqs is the program a year or less?

Wow, it's good that you have some experience. I had NONE!! Still act shaky when I have to put a BP cuff on ( am I doin this right? ...) I passed the NCLEX btw. Just found out this morning. It was such a relief cause I really didn't think I did well.

As far as the program goes, we started w/20 I think and ended up w/14. Mainly because the girls weren't passing their other classes w/a C or better. That is why it is good that you are done w/that..you don't have to worry and can just focus on clinicals and Nursing courses. Also, the program is the same length of time regardless, you can't skip ahead because everything builds onto the other ( or so they say) . You will just have an easier time of it . As far as moving onto the RN program at CCC, as of now that isn't the best route. If we did Helene Fuld or LOL we would only get to opt out of Nsg 1 which is a joke. That may change but that is how it stands now. There is a program thru Salem county community college- 1 yr to Rn as well as St. Francis in Trenton. Those were the quickest routes as of now. If I do start it won't be til Fall. I want to work and take a break. I have been going to school for forever it seems.

Alot of RNs I talk to say I made the wrong decision going the LPN route first. They say for just alittle bit more school you could be an RN and we actually are taking the harder route. I don't know, No RN program I looked at was done in alittle over a year and like you said, at the end of the day, you are a nurse.. you can always go on from there.

congrats to you, first shot and scored! way to go!! I hope I will be luck too first time. I am definitely applying to the school. thank you for all the sight of the school and good luck in the future.

No Problem. I hope everything works out for you!

can you tell me is this a day only program? where did u do m ost of your clincals and what times? also is this only 12 months. sorry for all the questions!


The program started in Sept and was over in Dec of the following year but we actually didn't have our pinning ceremony until January so couldn't take the boards until after that point.

It was pretty much a full time day program ( at the time I went which was 08-09).

We did most of our clinicals at Cooper Hospital and at a LTC facility across the street. We were not required to drive far from the school to do our clinicals although on the days of clinicals the people that lived far away had a long drive.

Generally we had to arrive at clinicals by 645p and stay until 3p

Class days varied but always during the day.

Hope this helps!

thank you so much! im trying to decide between ccc and bcit right now. were you able to find a job? if so(if i can ask) how much are you making an hour?

I'm sorry it took so long to reply :-( Haven't been on much.

I thought it was kind of hard to find a job. Most places wanted an experienced nurse and I was told in more than a few places that I was up against Rns who were out of work. After applying at a bunch of different places, I was finally offered a position at a LTC facility ( a very nice one ) but I would have had to work full time 11p-7a. Really wasn't up for that but I couldn't do 3p-11 with my home life. I was offered a job in a dermatology office which I decided to take because of the normal hours. Will probably be sorry in the long run because not learning what I should be learning but very interesting all the same. Make about 20.00/hr

yea you can find all the states accredited programs by going to the board of nursing......for that state.

NJboard of nursing....

hi my name is mimi and i am planing to go back to school in camden county college to take the lpn programs. can you please tell me how was the teas test was it hard and also do i have to take only the english and the math or do i have to take the scince

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