NJ BON - am i having troubles or just delays?


so this has been bugging me for a while and have called NJ BON on the phone like thrice already about my status and they are supposed to give me a fingerprint card through mail in w/c I haven't gotten hold of yet until now. I applied around Oct. 21, sent my receipts from Nursys verification, and RN application fee, birth certificate & photo, abit of status changes but they told me they sent me a fingerprint already, in w/c a week after that there was this hurricane sandy, so i expected delays but this is going overhand in my opinion when I requested for them to resend the fingerprint card mail. the last time i called, the lady over the phone she sent a letter to an authority for resending the mail to me, until now I still haven't gotten hold of it yet. how long does the endorsement usually take? it felt like my application has been ignored :(


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When I called and asked they said 8-12 weeks or could be longer. I applied in August and didn't get my license until last week. :***:

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The process is at least 12 weeks, especially since they have gone to a new format for applications to be processed. Once the application components are verified (applicaiton, other licenses, education, background check), the board committee meets to approve individual applicants. After October 29th, the state was shut down for nearly a weak as a result of tropical storm Sandy which created an even greater backlog of work.

So basically it is hurry up and wait for the state to get to work.


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So I applied for a nj license through endorsement online using my nyc license last Oct. 21, i called them in days after i sent additional required information and had said they sent me a letter about fingerprinting information, then ...(hurricane came a week after i applied) so i expected delays,..a month after...STILL NO LETTER, i called like 3x & had even faxed a letter about my fingerpringing, i had one BON employee type in a letter to authorities about my concerns, STILL NO LETTER!! I got so frustrated that I didn't bother about it for a while, now it's already DECEMBER, only 1 status had changed (C&A out of state), so far, NO LETTER of fingerprinting....i'm about to call them later to check about the status of my application, flies are already feasting on it because it's been 2mos & half already :(


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NJ BON is Really slow when they want to be. Keep pushing...PA extremely fast.


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Hello I am a Florida Registered Nurse who is making plans to move to New Jersey at some point in 2013. Will I need to submit a copy of my birth certificate, in order to apply for a NJ RN license?