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Had a problem with initial application with "in their words misrepresentation" it went to the board I paid the fine and my license is active, but when pulled up online it has a note "Board Action *YES public record" my question is will this always be shown or can it be removed eventually? This actually is holding up a job offer.

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Did you try asking the board of nursing?

If your potential employer is basing their decision strictly on a board action "yes" in the online license verification, they are wrong. "Yes" can mean anything from accused of malpractice to pending a random CEU audit. From the NJ BoN website:

"Please do not use the information on the list below to verify licensure status. Before taking any employment action based upon this list, it is imperative that you verify the information by calling the board at (973) 504-6457."


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I would call the BON I actually DO have a public record (arrested never convicted) and when you pull my license number up it doesnt say anything like that. And for a job to go based on that in my opinion is..."crazy nonsense"

Good Luck!!

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Answering "No" when one should have answered "yes" to a question on BON application results in a reprimand and a fine. It is permanently on one's record.

Your should have paperwork from BON that you can present to an employer; they in turn can verify with call to BON .