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I am a new graduate of an ADN program out of PA and I will be moving to NJ in just a few short weeks, so to hasten getting a job I applied directly to NJ for my license. I registered with the BoN and Pearson on April 17th and sent all my paperwork to the NJ BoN days later. I then had to forward an additional transcript once my program was officially complete. This was May 25th. I have received my fingerprinting information, made an appointment and made all the necessary document changes to have my legal address listed as NJ. My questions and worries are about my ATT. Will not having my fingerprints done yet delay my ATT? Is being out of state going to delay it? Or possibly because of having to send in an additional transcript( I did send my "incomplete" one with my final grade on it but before the official date of completion in with my original paper work, picture etc.) I'm just getting so antsy waiting for my ATT, and most of my class who registered with the PA BoN have already received theirs! HELP PLEASE!

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Moved to NJ BoN. Not having fingerprints will only delay your licensing application review once you pass the NCLEX. (All apps must be reviewed by BoN committee before a license is issued.) You can check your license status online and/or call the BoN to check the status of your application. It takes about 4 weeks or so. Since you were missing components of your application (missing grade on transcript) it may take a little longer.

Since you just sent your other paperwork on May 25th and there was the memorial day holiday in between, I'd venture to guess at least another 2 weeks if not 3 weeks before your ATT is issued.


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Mew jersey is much slower than pa and they do things differently so you cannot compare your timeframe to your PA peers.