Nightingale nursing??


does anyone use these people or know anything good or bad about them. they got my contact number somehow and keep calling me. Kinda annoying but at the sametime I understand the recruiter is just being a recruiter and trying to get as many people as he can. He even sent me a txt on Christmas day.

All I can find is they are localed in Fla but nothing on any of the sites giving them anytype of a rating.

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I have not worked with them, but have a friend who did. She said they kept paying her incorrectly (shorting her check) and that the housing they provided was bad.

I've personally heard a lot of negatives about them from several nurses, but I don't know anything first-hand.

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I have spoken with them directly. I am not sure how they received my number also. I told them to stop calling and they continued to do so. From other travel nursing sites I have not read anything positive about them.

I did speak with one recruiter and asked her for rates in Largo, Fla and what she quoted I know was unheard of. She stated without housing it was $56/hr and with housing $44/hr. I asked around and found that not to be true.

I presented her with my facts and have yet to hear back from her. I am learning with this traveling nursing industry there are a lot of shady people out there. Just be extra careful

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