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Night shifts only for new graduates?

Is this supposed to be like that? I have applied in three different hospitals, and they offered me evening and night shifts only. Is this kind of promotion - to get on a day shift?

I know I would hate to work nights, and do not want to commit to a job, on which I won't stay long anyway. So what should I do?


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I don't think it is because you are a new grad, it is because noc shift positions are VERY hard to fill, and are usually the majority of open positions. I have worked straight nocs my entire nursing career, from NAC to RN and love it. All that "politickin' " on days would drive me nutz!

Antikigirl, ASN, RN

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I have found that noc or swing shifts are pretty standard for new grads. I worked noc shifts at first in hosptial..hated it...left hospitals all together till recently.

Now I work in agency and pick my schedules :). I like that better, but be careful doing this as a new grad though...I feel you need some experience before going agency...others may feel differently. (actually, if I had taken the agency job at the hospitals I did my clinicals in..well, that would have been awesome!!!...so I guess in that case if available it would be cool).

Being able to pick my own schedules is cool, and lucky for me I have plenty to choose from in my area...other areas differ though (plus with the increase in pay I got, I can work less hours if I choose and not go totally broke :) ).

LOL I am with you Jolly! I love swing shifts for that reason (can't work nocs with my kids). I only have to deal with Doc's and Admins for a few hours...LOL!


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Depends on specialty. IN my hospital in med-surg and ED, you can have a day or night job---

But in OB where I work, the new grads are going straight to nights, and likely will be there for a while. Day jobs in some specialities in certain hospitals, are very hard to come by.

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