Nigerian Immigrant Nurse Needs Help With Visa

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Nigerian Immigrant Nurse Needs Help With Visa

Dear Nurse Beth,

This is on behalf of my niece, who's a nurse in Nigeria, denied visa to come to USA in 2010 to sit for the NCLEX and still interested.

What can you advise her to do. No NCLEX center in Nigeria or nearby countries. I believe she has the nursing license in the Bahamas but can't contact them now for lack of correct address in Nassau, Bahamas. However, if you can reach them for us, it'll be appreciated.

I am an MD in the USA, a practicing pediatrician.

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Dear MD Uncle,

I'm sorry for your niece's situation, and it is kind of you to help her. I have worked with a few nurses from Nigeria. One nurse especially comes to mind. Her name is Blessing, and she is just that. She is a highly regarded ICU nurse.

I hope that some Nigerian nurses in the allnurses community who are successfully practicing in the United States or any nurse with expertise will reach out with advice.

  • Obtaining a visa to the United States can be pretty tricky. However, your nephew could try applying for a visa again, ensuring that all the required documentation and information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • It may be helpful to consult with a qualified immigration lawyer who can guide your nephew through the visa application process and provide additional support.

International NCLEX testing sites

Have your niece contact the regulatory body for NCLEX testing, the National Council for State Boards of Nursing NCSBN, for NCLEX eligibility questions.

Regarding taking the NCLEX exam, there are options available for international nurses. One such option is to take the exam in a neighboring country with testing centers.

  • For example, some African countries where the NCLEX may be offered include South Africa, Egypt, and Kenya. Your niece may need to travel to one of these countries to take the exam.
  • Additionally, it may be worthwhile for your niece to explore obtaining a nursing license in a different country with more accessible testing centers for the NCLEX. For example, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand all have NCLEX testing centers and may be more accessible for your niece.

Regarding your request to contact the nursing licensing authority in the Bahamas, I'm sorry to say that I cannot contact organizations directly.

However, your niece may be able to locate the correct contact information for the nursing licensing authority in the Bahamas by conducting an online search or contacting the embassy or consulate of the Bahamas.

I hope this information is helpful, and I wish your niece all the best in pursuing his nursing career.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth