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I plan to move to Orange County next year. I will have 1 year experience in the NICU and would like to know a list of all the NICUs in the area and which ones have good reputations and working conditions. Any other info would be greatly appreciated. If anyone currently works at a NICU where I eventually will work and wants me to name them as the referral so you can get a bonus that would be cool too. :)



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I just started (last week) at Fountain valley hospital....seems like a nice place. The nurses there are nice. Also Western Medical Center Santa Ana has a NICU unit. I believe there are both level III.

Sorry I can't be more helpful but NICU is brand new to me. :)


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CHOC (Children's hospital of orange county) has a huge NICU. They have a bit of a reputation for having some prima donna nurses, but also being a good hospital.


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It's been a while since your post, have you gotten a job yet?


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I am still considering CHOC since they are a children's hospital and I will be coming from an even larger NICU.

I will apply in early May and see what happens. I plan to move to CA this July.


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Mithrah, I sent you a private message with more info, did you get it yet?

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