NICU visitation policy


Just wondering what other NICU visitation policies are and if you know of any research done to support your policy?

I work in a 31 bed private room level 3b. Parents may visit anytime and stay overnight. They may bring guests with them over 18 years of age between 9am and 9pm, the guest have to be with a parent at all times. Siblings may visit with parents regardless of age. A health quesionaire has to be completed before anyone visits with certain criteria (immunizations, recent illness etc). Only parents are allowed to hold and grandparents with parents permission.

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56 bed private room NICU, level IIIc

Parents can stay 24/7, only one can sleep at the bedside (we have another quiet area parents can sleep as well)

Siblings over 3 who have a completed health form and no fever

Parents can bring anyone they'd like but only 2 people at the bedside at once, general visiting hours are 10am-8p

parents can fill out a visitor list of up to 6 people who can visit without them, however those people cannot receive medical info

Anyone can hold with the parents there, only parents kangaroo

Not sure of any "research" to support this, it was recently updated to make it more in line with the rest of the hospital's policy


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Level 2 nursery:

We allow parents and grandparents and siblings of any age (as long as they are healthy and not sick). All visitors must be present with a parent. We are a little more lenient when it is just one baby in our SCN, but if we have more than one, we are strict on our policy. We have, occasionally, had the doctor order no one other than parents, before as well.

I don't think our policy is research based. We have a very small SCN - 3 beds, we have had 4 beds max at one time. The nursery itself isn't very big, so we can't accomodate a large gathering. There are exceptions, of course, if we have infants that we are shipping out, or that aren't going to make it. We would allow for more at that time if possible.

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Mom, dad, and grandparents only, with an exception made for dying infants. If no dad involved, another person (mom's choice) can be given dads band and allowed to visit. No siblings.

Any time, except from 6-8 am and pm, since we have an open ward NICU and report is done at bedside.


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I work in a 60 bed level 3 unit. Our parents can name two "support people," who can be at the beside at any time, even without the parents, and receive medical information while at the bedside. The parents can also have two other visitors in the room at a time. Only parents can receive information over the phone. The support people are usually grandparents or and aunt or uncle. Visitors have to be 13 or older unless they are a sibling, and then they have to wear a mask if they are under a certain age. Only one person can stay overnight in the room, and there are a few overnight rooms available as well.