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Hi Everyone.

I shadowed in the NICU today! Amazing! I have so many mixed emotions about it. I loved it. But then seeing some of the more critical ones got me so worried. What if I never get that good or competent to care for those ones? It makes me so nervous. They are so fragile!

Then on the other side of things, it was amazing to see my nurse (who hasn't even been a nurse for a year yet) and how great she was with her 3. They were all pretty stable, but I got to see the interaction between her and a family.... so sweet! All the love this little girl was getting... she had so much going on, but everyone was soo good with her and the family.

I want to do this. I just hope I can. I hope I have the smarts to do it. I have the heart. But heart will only get me so far.

Speaking with the nurse recruiter things sounded good. But we will see. Who usually makes the call, the Recruiter or the Manager? The recruiter told me to give her a call on Monday.

Thanks everyone. Sorry for the blabbering.

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Congrats!!! Glad you had a great experience.

Good luck!

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Who usually makes the call, the Recruiter or the Manager? The recruiter told me to give her a call on Monday.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your experience! It takes time, but you will learn to take care of the most critical patients in the long run!

About the manger vs recruiter: The recruiter is the "middle-man". It is the unit manager who does the final review of resume and interview and who decides who to hire. The recruiter delivers the communications between you and the manager.


Good luck! sounds to me like you could totally join the NICU team:nurse:


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I'm still waiting. I spoke to the Nurse Recruiter today. She is still waiting to hear from one of the Nurse Managers. I think it will be kind of hard for the Nurse Recruiter to say a whole lot. The night I shadowed there was a lot going on and she was very busy. When I was done, she apologized for not being able to come over and talk to me and asked me if I enjoyed it. I just thanked her for allowing me to shadow and that I learned a lot. I also let her know that I completely understood that she couldn't really speak to me because of all the babies that needed her attention and the family involved. The babies come first, I told her. I asked her if there was anything that she needed from me. She said no and thanked me for coming and shook my hand. (It was shift change and she was helping a nurse get a baby who was helicoptered in settled.)

I don't know if I said/did the right thing. I was done at 7. I waited around b/c I wanted to see/hear report between nurses. Then I stayed around to make sure I thanked the nurse manager and spoke with her before I left.

We will see. I hope I get it. I think my heart will be broken if I don't get it. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my shadowing.

I'll keep you all updated. Send me good thoughts and prayers!


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Oh. I also sent the nurse recruiter and nurse managers thank you cards thanking them for the opportunity to interview and shadow for the unit.

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I think you said the right thing. I bet you get the position.

Warm thoughts you way!! :yeah:

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