NICU orientation is 24 weeks?

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Hi! I am interested in working in a local NICU, i am a new grad- no experience. A nurse who works there told me that the training is 24 weeks long! (6 months). I am very excited to hear this, as i will take as much training as they want to give me! :lol2: But i was wondering why this is. I have heard PICU trains for about 14-16 weeks, and i was wondering why the difference? It makes me a little nervous that perhaps NICU will be too intensive for me after all :uhoh3:.

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It may be that the probationary period is six months long. The way my new grad program worked, we were on orientation (i.e. working directly with a preceptor) for about 16 weeks, but we were on probation for the first six months. After those six months, we had a sit-down with the NM to review our strengths/weaknesses, then were bumped up to CNIIs from CNIs. Not that we weren't still considered rank newbies and kept a pretty close eye on by the more senior nurses, but as I understand it, the main difference about being on probation is that during that period, the hospital has more freedom to decide that you're just not going to work out. After you're off probation, they have to come up with a more substantial reason to let you go.

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Programs do work differently. Mine was a six month program. After hospital/general nursing orientation, we took a week of basic NICU classes. We then trained with a preceptor taking care of lower acuity babies. We then took our own assignments for a time to work on our skills and time management with lower acuity babies. Then we took a week and a half of classes on more complex skills and ventilators along with NRP and then trained with a preceptor learning to care for the higher acuity babies.

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I had a 12 week NICU orientation.

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I believe that this is great. NICU is a challenging but rewarding unit you can work for. The more help and support you recieve the better nurse you will be. Dont look at is orientation for six months see it more as the hospital investing time and money to help you be the best you can be. Best of luck to you!

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