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Hello all, I'm a pharmacy technician giving a lecture on Iv Administration. I have various opinions on the Buretrol's. Some say they are a must for peds patients, others say they are ancient... Read More

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    Quote from Gompers
    We've recently stopped using them. I hear they've decided, after much research, that the IV pumps we use are safe enough to go without. It makes us a little uncomfortable, but to be honest I've never seen an "accident" where the patient got a huge bolus whether there was a buretrol or not. Our IV pump tubing has a safety mechanism on it - the tubing is clamped as it goes into the machine. That way, when you pull the tubing out of the machine, it is still clamped and nothing gets to the baby unless you take the extra step of unclamping it.

    What I wish we would do is eliminate IV pumps with hanging bags completely and run everything on syringe pumps. At least then you can see exactly how much is left in the syringe at all times, plus our "smart pumps" have parameters for things like rates/dosages and if you go outside of the normal limits it alarms to warn you before it'll let you override the system.
    We haven't used them for several years as you say in you comments.