What about Well-Baby???

  1. Hello All:
    I'm now a senior in nursing school and have completed my OB rotation just this past week , and I've had some time to get back onto this website and I'm wondering....is there not a discussion for general well-baby nursing? Am I missing it or do most well-baby nurses post here on this forum? I ended my rotation with well-baby nursery just this past week, and in March I observed the NICU at the top children's hospital in Alabama....I will have to admit, I liked well-baby better, so I was just wondering if I missed the forum for that, or if this is the right place.
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  3. by   fergus51
    I think those nurses usually post under the NICU forum since that's where the newborns are or under OBGYN since it's a postpartum thing in most places. Many hospitals have gotten rid of their well baby nurseries over the years, so there aren't as many job opportunities there anymore.
  4. by   kids
    I agree with fergus, well baby stuff usually ends up being posted under NICU or OB/Gyn (even tho it is *techincally* Peds ).
  5. by   KK7724
    Quote from kids-r-fun
    I agree with fergus, well baby stuff usually ends up being posted under NICU or OB/Gyn (even tho it is *techincally* Peds ).
    Well, it's been a while, but I graduate with my BSN this Saturday!! I have a job in the Newborn Nursery starting May 31st. Do you think allnurses would consider making a forum for newborn nurses??? I have a lot of questions to ask especially with my new career and it's hard to ask the right people when you're posting under NICU or OB/GYN.

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  6. by   Gompers
    Well I think the reason there isn't a Newborn Nursery forum is because it's not really necessary. Usually the only reason we post is to ask questions or opinions regarding different problems or situations. If you're having a problem with a baby in the nursery, it's generally going to be something involving the mom/baby (so it would be posted in the OB forum) or something wrong with baby itself (and the NICU forum is best for that). There are always policy/procedure type questions, too, but since many hospitals don't have actual newborn nurseries anymore, it's probably best to just ask the general OB forum those questions.

    Good luck in your new job!!!